Sigma X3F RAW Files Support

November 10, 2013 Posted in Home, Resources 13 Comments

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X3F FilesI’m getting more and more requests from Foveon shooters about the prospective support of X3F files from the DP Merrill and SD1 Merrill cameras in Adobe Lightroom and Camera RAW.

Unfortunately, this is unlikely to come soon, if ever. RAW files from the previous Foveon era can be opened and processed, but these software products have issues dealing with certain images. That is why Adobe did not support X3F files officially, never featuring the cameras on their list of compatible models. Developing a reliable support for the RAW files of the current cameras means a lot of work, and I’m doubtful they consider it’s worth it.


Although it misses speed and a few features, Sigma Photo Pro for Windows is improving slowly but steadily (better image-processing algorithms, better stability). Iridient Developer is the only third-party software to support X3F files, but it’s Mac only.

Side note: the latest versions of Adobe Lightroom and Camera RAW carry a profile for the Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM lens.

  • Photoholic

    Meanwhile Sigma Photo Pro 6.02 > Still crap! Tooootal crap! They should definitely fire the software-development team and put that money into a cooperation with Adobe!

  • ian

    ANDREA, without wishing to be rude i understand that the query was for “raw” support. You have defined a intermediary tiff which has none of the original RAW data included. ACR doesn’t seem to support x3f on a mac.

  • Andrea

    Lightroom has been supporting x3f files from pre-merrill cameras (at least the DP series). What I do with my Merrills is I export from SPP to 16-bit Tiff with only minor (if any) adjustments. Then I import the Tifs into Lightroom, and convert to DNG. This reduces dramatically the size of the Tiff. It is still larger than the original X3f, but not as large as the tiff.

  • S-R

    Good, but this is not news 😉 ACR has been supporting these cameras for a while.

  • Jack just confirmed it’s only for DP1, DP2, SD9,SD10 and SD14. No support (yet) for SD15 and the Merrill… but it’s something! I still prefer Sigma Photo Pro, but you can do most of your “Sigma Unique” tweaking in SPP and then save the profile and it keeps those settings and then do more tweaking in LR or Photoshop (pretty good noise reduction in LR and Pshop)

  • S-R

    Hi Patrick, from which camera?

  • Just noticed by accident in Adobe Camera RAW 8.2 that it now takes in my Sigma X3F files!

    • Eye Bicycle


  • I use XnViewMP ( for Mac

  • FastStone Image Viewer does the same thing

  • Mark

    Although not an editor, camerabits’s Photo Mechanic can view the embedded high rez jpeg in merrill x3f files– enough to do the sorting, culling, key wording, etc. Works as a very nice front end to SPP.

  • S-R

    You’re welcome Andrea. Sigma has a long way to go to make SPP as comprehensive and user-friendly as the most popular raw converters, but it’s much more usable than before.

  • Andrea

    Thank you for this note. Not exactly good news, but, sometimes, some things just need to be said. Improvements I would like to see in SPP are levels (with basic blending options), a crop tool, and a straightening tool. My favorite raw developer right now is Capture NX2 for Nikon cameras. I immediately got better results on the same images I previusly processed in Lightroom 4. So you don’t necessarily need all the simplifications and automation found in Lightroom to bring the best out of your pictures. Hopefully, SPP will, as you say, steadily improve and give Merrill cameras the software side that they deserve.


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