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Three new, fixed lens Sigma dp Quattro cameras are coming!

For now we know little about them other than their heavily revamped body that will provide a MUCH better grip and contain a larger battery, the same focal lengths as the DP Merrills (most likely), and a brand new processor called True III. Nothing else has surfaced yet.

The pictures below show the Sigma dp2 Quattro.

New Sigma DP Cameras

New Sigma DP2 Camera

New Sigma DP2 Quattro Camera - Back 1

New Sigma DP2 Quattro Camera - Back 2

New Sigma DP2 Camera - Front

New Sigma DP2 Camera - Top

New Sigma DP2 Camera - Bottom part

Sigma True III Processor

External optical viewfinder:

Sigma External Optical Viewfinder for dp2 Quattro

More after the break!

  • vlad

    Fantastic Sigma!

  • Well, PC Magazine has announced this camera, and the photo looks like the ones we’ve seen making the rounds.

  • Carlo

    Wow !

    Why a so big filter diameter and 30 mm lens?

    Are incoming High quality Wide and Tele adapters ?


  • kassra

    Sigma just may be testing the waters with a body that could fit their Full Frame Foveon sensor, presumably down the pipeline (?). Otherwise to come up with an upgrade to an existing sensor/lens combo which is noticeably bigger will be a tough sell.

  • Francisco Aragao

    Is it true?? It cant be real! Well, its a body shape you dont see everyday! I believe Sigma would deserve kudos for just daring this.

  • hexx

    is that AF assist lamp on the lens?

    • S-R

      Yes I think it is.

      • hexx

        sensor seems to be very close to the lens, plane mark suggest so. any more news, shall we expect announcement at CP+?

        • S-R

          Yeah, unusual closeness even for a mirrorless cameras. It’s definitely ready for CP+.

          • hexx

            from these pics it looks like very solid metal brick, would love to see it with that VF on top. my DP2M might get company 🙂 very, very interested in this new range

        • I think the focal plane proximity and the new oversized lens diameter are how they’re “faking” the thinness. I’m guessing there’s a bunch of stuff that’s more camera than lens shoved in that increased OD.

  • ME

    Oops, I just noticed, it is not 20mm but shows the DP2 at 30mm (as per now).
    My mistake.

  • hexx

    That VF seems to be huuuuuge 🙂 really unique design, haven’t seen anything like that before. At first glance one might think that’s it’s a panoramic camera 🙂

  • It’s very fantastic to be true (-:

  • ME

    Fantastic design. Well done Sigma.

    I noticed the focal length of the DP1Q has been changed to 20mm (from 19mm for the DP1).

    I was very tempted to buy a DP2M at their current discounted price here Europe, but now I’m going to hold off and wait for the Quattro specs.

  • ceaiu

    Sigma has balls. Good for them.

  • John

    Will they be announced at the CP+ next week?

  • John

    I think they must have redesigned the menus, too…? Because the button layout is so different and now you have those dials on top. I am not sure…. we’ll see

  • Chris

    Well I am kind of led to think these are fake. The voltage rating I think says 8.4 Volts.

    If it isn’t fake, not sure about having an SD card slot behind a flappy plastic door to the left of the lens. And the back button focus, am not sure if it works for this style of camera. I guess we’ll see what comes.

  • Preben R

    Looks interesting, but fake. I highly doubt the dp2 would have now 58mm threads. The battery lid also looks very strange, but perhaps it is for a battery like SD1M?

    Time will tell

    • S-R

      Nope, not fake.

      • Preben R

        So is there now lens OS packed in there? Any specs leaked?

        • S-R

          No spec so far, only these nice images.

          • Preben R

            My problem is that they are too nice for leaked images. 🙂

      • more evidence please (;

  • John

    Man I LOVE that they continue to evolve.

    They try to make things simpler, reducing the number of buttons etc…. THAT is “pure photography”!!!! (not an abomination like the Nikon Df)

  • chrisd999

    Maybe the body is extra long for 1 or 2 extra battery compartments?

    • S-R

      Haha no, there’s only one.

  • YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hope they have phase detection AF and please! great pics until 1600 ISO!

  • Bob Howland

    And how do you use both the external viewfinder and an external flash???

    • Girg

      Well, you use an external flash with hotshoe… 😛

  • Andrea

    Noooo. More money leaving my pockets! Here’s hoping for a new sensor with improved high iso performance. Two more stops, please!

  • Girg

    Oh no! Sigma… Don’t do stuff like that…

  • John

    Holy Fuck!!! !!!!!

    They look A M A Z I N G!!!!!!!!

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