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Sigma dp2 Quattro and Pentax 645z

The Sigma dp2 Quattro has just been introduced to the Belgian retailer PCH by two well-known figures from the Foveon crew.

PCH had the opportunity to make side-by-side comparisons, using large-size prints, between the Quattro and the Pentax 645Z, a medium-format camera announced in April 2014 and utilizing a 51.4-MP CMOS sensor (43.8 x 32.8mm).

They say (translated from French):

When it comes to sheer image quality and sharpness, the Quattro looked equal to this 51-MP medium-format camera.

There is more to total image quality than just sharpness and tonality, but it is an impressive and promising statement nonetheless.

Compared to prints from the Nikon D800 (E?), the dp2 Quattro’s had better micro-contrast, and better uniformity across the frame with the help of its optimized lens-sensor combo.

PCH still expects to receive the first dp2Q units in late June.

[Source: Facebook post, in French]

  • Ark

    I have no doubt their sharpness. I just sold my DP2m because it’s useless above ISO200. Keeping my fingers crossed that this new camera’s image is useable above ISO200.

  • Pascal Stingl

    Even the dp2m can reach the level of a MFDB. Earlier this Year i made a test with the dp2m, Lumix GH2, Canon 5DMKII and Phase One P45+.
    So i expect that the Quattro’s will catch up with the new Sony medium format chip.

    You may have a look here:
    Sigma DP2m
    Phase One P45+
    Full Test (German, you need an Account to see see pictures. But there a download links that sould work without a registration)

    best wishes

  • Joshua

    Amazing image quality has already been achieved with the Merrill cameras. I could only hope that with the DpQ they will improve ISO performance and battery life. Still, I am happy this came out, at least i can now get all three Merrill cameras for less.

  • CRB

    even the most known sigma fanboy says that those comparing aps-c sigma sensors suffer from delusional tendencies..are you going to delet my post again?

    can you tell me if sigma has plans to release other primes for mirrorless systems? like a 16mm?

    • SigmaRumors

      No post was deleted, it just had to be approved. There is no rumor floating around for new DN primes. With Photokina in September, this summer may bring some.

  • CRB

    so no samples from the camera, almost no from the 645Z, but the cameras are equal? strange…BTW, any chance to sigma come up with a 16mm for mirrorless aps-c and MFT?

  • SigmaRumors

    Not even a small jpeg.

    • barmalini

      pity, but nobody is going to buy this camera for shooting jpegs anyways 🙂

  • Can’t wait to see some full resolution files.

    • Joshua


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