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What lens(es) would you like to see next from Sigma?

The rumor mill is turning very slowly.

Sigma is used to announce something in the springtime, and the 50/1.4 Art price and availability may have played this role. Should another spring or early summer announcement occur, I would place my bet on a Contemporary telezoom lens.

Many people are yearning for more of these delightful Art primes (see the related poll), but they are long and hard to design, so we should be over for quite some time.

Looking further, Photokina should be interesting: Sigma SD1 Quattro, 24mm f/1.4 Art and super telephoto Sports lenses (no certainty on these, but likely), and possibly more.

Fuji Rumors is reporting about possible X-mount lenses introduced for Photokina. Sigma said back in December that they had no plans for this mount. This can change given the success of Fuji’s X series of cameras and Sigma’s will to support as many mounts as possible, but I personally think it will take a bit more time. Let’s hope I will be proven wrong.

Besides, we may see upgrades in the “accessories” area, but they will be difficult to predict. For instance, the two teleconverters and the EF-610 DG flashguns would benefit from an update. There is room for a quality bump here.

  • Kevin Freels

    I just want a Sigma 35-70 f2.2 to put between my 18-35 f1.8 and my 70-200 f2.8.

  • blp

    really wish sigma would come up with a 300 f4 with a decent place since Nikon and Canon have no intention to update this overdue lens

  • melvin

    Now that Nikon has released the new 400mm 2.8 for 11.000 isd, I suggest sigma to desigh a nice set of ultra teles with good optical properties, superfast Af and a nice price. A 400mm f2.8 and a 500mm f4 with matching 1.4 and 2.0 teleconverters.

  • Brian

    50-135 f2.8 OS DC that is about 30% smaller and lighter than the current 50-150 2.8? 🙂

    • stoooopid

      this would be fantastic. Tokina used to make a 50-135 f/2.8. I have never handled one but supposedly it was built like a brick S house (meaning really tough – all metal). It also was supposed to be pretty good optically but had the same problem a lot of Tokinas have – bad flare. Anyway, I don’t think they make it any more. If Sigma could make this lens – I would be ecstatic.

  • stoooopid

    give me a 50-150 f/4 contemporary – please. Make it high quality and useable at f/4. Do this Sigma and you will sell boat loads of lenses!

    • Brian

      The have the 24-120 f4 Art, so they have a lens already that is substantially wider and not substantially shorter on the long end, while already being f4. Contemporary would mean a more consumer level build so there would be a lot of cutbacks that don’t seem worth the effort for so much overlap. I do really like the idea of a 50-1xx but it would need to be 2.8 and lighter/smaller to really pull in users (APS-C). The current 50-150 is FF lens sized 🙁

      • stoooopid

        Oh, I didn’t realize “contemporary” meant a consumer-ish build. OK, so I mean a 50-150 f/4 with a pro build. Somethink like Canon and now Nikon has for there FF cameras – the 70-200 f/4. I know many, many aps-c users adapt the 70-200 f/4 lens with their aps-c body – but to me 70mm is a weird focal length to start at. On aps-c starting at 50mm is much better (for my uses anyway). So I am looking for a lens that has a tough pro build that mimics the 70-200 focal length, but on aps-c which turns out to be something in the range of 50-150. I think a tough, compact, pro optics, 50-150 f/4 lens would sell boat loads. Well, at least one to me! 🙂

        • R

          Well, Sigma used to have an exellent 50-150 f/2.8 for APS-C format, but the last version of it really blew the concept by growing too large and heavy. Hopefully Sigma learn from this that threre are limits to how large a good lens can be to be practical for its purpose (and return with a 50-150 of a size closer to the older non-OS versions), but I’m very afraid that their conclusion is that a 50-150 won’t sell…

          • stoooopid

            Well, yes, I am afraid of that too. Sigma probably things – most aps-c users will either buy the super cheap and flimsy 55-200 zooms offered by the CaNikon or they will just go way upscale and pay the price in size and weight to get the big 70-200 full frame lenses. It’s the problem aps-c users always have – serious aps-c users are expected to just move on to full frame and get “real” lenses for that system. In the CaNikon systems aps-c is not taken seriously – meaning they do not spend there time and development effort on serious glass dedicated to aps-c. They expect serious aps-c users to either go FF or just adapt FF glass to aps-c and live with the focal length magnification problem.

      • SigmaRumors

        I don’t think Contemporary means a “more consumer level build”. It’s rather a matter of variable aperture and big zoom range.

  • On average, Sigma releases new global vision lenses every four months. The last announcement was made in january, presumably. On average, then, there should be a new announcement shortly. That’s what I’m hoping for. However “average” is by no means exact, so it could be several months until a de facto announcement is made. In any event, I’m hoping for an ultra-wide angle lens for APS-C.

  • Marius Ceialacu

    I think the ‘new’ X-mount lenses will only be the 3 existing DN Art f2.8 primes: 19mm, 30mm and 60mm.

    • SigmaRumors

      Not impossible, but I’m not sure they’re exciting enough compared to the existing X-mount lenses 🙂

      • stu

        But they can be sold with a very limited amount of R&D. They are cheap and good enough to be a viable solution.

  • Amanda
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