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Olympus TCON-17X on Sigma DP3 Merrill − Photo Courtesy of Shinichi Taki

Olympus TCON-17X on Sigma DP3 Merrill − Photo Courtesy of Shinichi Taki

Going beyond what these fixed-lens cameras offer in terms of field of view…

On the wide side

Ricoh GW-3 0.75× wide-angle converter − 21mm (FF equivalent) FOV on the DP1 Merrill

The GW-3 screws right in the DP1M 49mm filter thread (ironically, an adapter is required to mount it on the Ricoh GR, for which the GW-3 is designed). I found a significant decrease in contrast when paired to the DP3M, so I don’t recommend it for this camera.

On the tele side

Olympus TCON-17X 1.7× teleconverter − 127mm (FF equivalent) FOV on the DP3 Merrill

Be sure to grab a 52-55mm step-up ring.

There’s no light loss when using the Olympus TCON-17X, as it is designed to maintain the actually used aperture. Good to know: it produces images with dark edges in conjunction with shorter lenses, like those on the DP1 and DP2.

Both converters will be usable on the dp Quattro series with appropriate step-down rings (58mm to 49mm and 55mm, respectively).

  • John

    I would recommend the Panasonic DMW-LW46 0.75x wide-angle converter. Originally made for the Panasonic LX3 camera it fits perfectly on Sigma lens hood adapters (at least on the first DP’s). I don’t notice any IQ decrease when using it. The Sigma achromatic macro lens is also a great add-on to get to a closer range (will need a step-up ring though as it’s a 52mm lens).

  • Alex

    I use the ricoh wide adapter on the DP1 and I’m very happy with it. But it’s very important to screw the adapter on to the lens without a filter in between. Perhaps obvious, but still… The loss of sharpness in the far sides and corners is only visible if pixel peeping or perhaps if standing close to very large prints (haven’t made prints yet). Highly recommended if you’re into wide angle.

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