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Sigma Quattro sensor

Sigma’s CEO sat with Imaging Resource at Photokina, in last September, for another interesting Q&A.

As usual, I listed the main points, focusing mainly on what’s related to future products.

  • This is now clearly confirmed: Sigma is considering the full-frame Foveon option. “We’re studying that challenge”, said Kazuto Yamaki.
  • Sigma is aware of the substantial interest in full-frame E-mount lenses. The interviewers tried to push that idea, but got no more comments on this.
  • Having Sigma’s full-frame lenses declined in Sony E-mount seems attractive at first, but reading further down in the interview, we understand why this is unlikely to happen. The main reason is that the optical design and HSM (autofocus) motor found in these lenses are tailored for reflex cameras. In short, the glass elements that move while focusing are too heavy for the focusing system of mirrorless cameras to work as it should.
  • The price of the 150-600mm f/5-6.3 Contemporary should be “significantly lower” compared to the S version. The difference in image quality between the two lenses is said to be marginal in the center of the frame. The Sports version controls chromatic aberrations much better off-center though.
  • The Sigma 70mm f/2.8 EX DG Macro was discontinued due to a comparatively low demand, and additionally, a special glass element used into it is no longer made. I heartily recommend this lens, if you can find one. The images from it show super sharpness and clarity.

[Source: Imaging Resource]

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