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Sigma's lineup of lenses

I’m reported that a couple of lenses which were supposed to be announced in Q4 2014 have been pushed into Q1 2015.

I got word about two wide-angle lenses: one could be the much-rumored 24mm f/1.4 DG Art, and the other an ultra-wide DC zoom.

I’m also told that the lower consumer market, where Sigma has a substantial user base, will “soon” be served with “product updates”.

Sigma taking care of the wide end is hardly a surprise, given the gap in the current DG lineup. At the moment we’re left with a couple of (mostly slow) zooms starting or ending at 24mm, and two fisheye lenses.

Here are the other rumored full-frame lenses in this range:

  • 16-20mm f/2 Art. In a previous post, I told about the likelihood of a fast wide-angle zoom lens to come soon, based on an interview with a Sigma rep. “Soon” was maybe a bit optimistic.
  • 14-24mm f/4 Art. Only rumored once, just before Photokina, where it was supposed to be announced. The lens makes sense as such, but is not “in the move” of what I heard lately.

There has been no rumor for a specific ultra-wide DC lens so far.

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