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Sigma's CEO, Kazuto Yamaki

Sigma CEO Kazuto Yamaki

After the CP+ show, DPReview’s usual Q&A with the CEO of Sigma was awaited with interest.

Sigma FE-mount lenses

Sigma will make lenses for the Sony FE system, but DSLRs are still the top priority.

The strategy is to complement the existing offering, rather than overlapping it. Maybe a ~50mm f/1.4 (well, such a lens would certainly encroach on the Sony 55mm f/1.8), or “something different”.

From the sound of things, some important initial decisions have not been taken yet, so we must be one or two announcements away from seeing a Sigma FE-mount lens.

Next Art lens(es)

Interestingly, Mr. Yamaki mentions the just-released Canon 11-24mm f/4 – a “very good, but expensive” lens – when asked about the next Sigma Art lens.

Is something similar but more affordable coming down the pipe? Probably, since he acknowledges that there’s a gap to be filled, and recalls Sigma’s tradition of having a rich and original offer in this segment. A few thoughts on the matter here.

The most requested lens is a 24-70mm f/2.8. Macro lenses and ultra wides, “like a 14-24mm”, come next.

24-105mm f/4 Art muddle

Production of the 24-105mm will continue, although its sales haven’t been really good.

Mr. Yamaki explains that Sigma initially predicted “very low” demand for this lens, and as it sold out, the factory wasn’t producing any (lenses with low sales volumes are not manufactured continuously). In the meantime, a lot of orders came in… So now Sigma has to resume production, which is a monthslong process.

[Source: CP+ 2015 Sigma Interview – “small office, big factory”, at DPReview]

  • hateuscausetheyaintus

    I would love to see a Sigma 85mm F1.4 DG OS HSM Art, but honestly, will Sigma be able to rock the industry with a an 85mm the same way it did with the 35mm and 50mm? Before Sigma announced their 35mm and 50mm Art lenses, Nikon already had lenses of these focal lengths in production, and although they were good enough, they were not great… There was a lot of room for improvement and Sigma did just that by pushing the limits of the 35 and the 50mm focal lengths. Nikon, Canon and Zeiss have produced superb 85mm and I’m just wondering if Sigma could top that by the same degree as they did with their 35 and 50… It would be a different ball game if OS was added though…

  • Veselin Gramatikov

    Аccording to 18-35 1.8 construction it will be possible to design 24/28-50/2.0 OS but i`m not sure that will be usable with that short range. Many will prefer original 24-70 2.8 design because of the reach. Maybe 24-85 2.8 OS is possible too. Both 24-50 2.0 or 24-85 2.8 will be huge in order to match the Art line performance. Currently i think that 24-70 2.0 will be to expensive and very big lens. I do not think Sigma will produce such kind of lens.
    May be 24-70 2.8 OS ART is the best choice and after this 14-24 2.8 OS. Both as good as Canon and Nikon lenses but with better price. Every body will consider 24-70 2.8 OS for 1000-1100$. This is standard zoom lenses for work. I`m not sure where is the difference between ART and SPORT line. 70-200 2.8 for example can be branded as SPORT not ART. Time will tell.

  • DC from DC

    The “biggest request” is to finally deliver a 150-600mm sport. My backorder is over three months old. I am sure others are more anxious than I. Someone senior at Sigma should provide a definite timeline or production schedule. My lack of faith that there isn’t a serious problem is growing daily. On March 30th, I will cancel my order. The silence is speaking volumes….

  • Nikos Delhanidis

    16-150 f/2.8-4 DC OS 🙂

  • Kirby Zhou

    I want a 24-85 f/2.8 OS, or 24-70 f/2.5 OS. It must be different to others.

    • true

      yes, has to be different. Either more range without sacrifice of aperture, or same range but wider aperture.

  • lukasz

    Interesting pictures. mini test Sigma 24 ART

    • Ceaiu

      Nice find!

  • Chris N.

    Canon 11-24 good lens? Gimme a break
    How long do we have to beg for the 85mm ART? Geez

  • Russell Ferris

    A solid barrel 24-70 would be really nice, I’m sick of pumper zooms.

  • stpr

    I see a lot of possibilites for Sigma in the months and years to come:

    50mm 1.8 DG OS HSM Art – to replace the 50mm 1.4 EX DG HSM and compete with the Canon EF 1.4 USM
    85mm 1.4 DG HSM Art – Long rumored and requested
    105mm 2.8 DG Macro OS HSM Art – Reworked 105mm 2.8 EX DG OS HSM Macro
    135mm 1.8 DG HSM Art – see 85mm

    10-20mm 2.8 DC OS HSM Art – to replace the Sigma AF 10-20mm 3.5 EX DC HSM
    16-55mm 2.8 DC OS HSM Art – to replace the Sigma AF 17-50mm 2.8 EX DC OS HSM
    24-70mm 2.8 DG OS HSM Art – to compete with the Tamron SP AF 24-70mm 2.8 Di VC USD
    70-200mm 2.8 DG OS HSM Art / Sports – to go against the Canon EF 70-200mm 2.8 L IS II USM
    70-300mm 4.0 DC Macro OS HSM Contemporary – to compete with the Tamron SP AF 70-300mm 4.0-5.6 Di VC USD

    • SimenO

      Sigma have their older 12-24mm f/4,5-5,6 DG HSM (1000$), but should take the battle against Canon EF 11-24mm f/4 USM (3000$) on price or specs, maby both.

      Price oriented: 12-28mm f/5,6 DG OS HSM Contemporary at about 1000$
      Quality oriented: 10-20mm f/2,8 DG HSM Art at about 2000$
      Both: 11-24mm f/4 DG OS HSM Art at about 1500$

      • Wishful

        Did you mean to say $2000 for the 10-20??? It won’t be that expensive. That’s asinine!

        • SimenO

          A 10-20mm f/2,8 for full frame (DG) at 2000$ is a bargain. If they make it for APS-C (DC) it should cost a lot less. Maby 800-1000$.

          The resason I suggested a full frame version is because Sigma CEO Yamaki was impressed by the Canon EF 11-24mm f/4 for full frame, and commented on the high price in the interview.

    • Wishful

      I like the way you think!

  • animalsbybarry

    Sigma should make the 150-600 that they are not currently commited to making for Sony A mount and make it for E mount instead.
    With the extra barrell length they could add a built in barrel extension for a close focus mode.

    • Paul Menard

      sigma just change the mount and not optical formula, so all they gain in this case is the ability to use electric apature which they prefer, they could chop the end off and do focus beyond infinity i guess.
      but a 3kg lens on a little emount camera isnt a great idea imo.

      • animalsbybarry

        First…a big lens on a little camera only does not make sense if people are too foolish to hold the lens instead of the camera!
        You carry a camera with a big lens by the lens, not the camera!
        Secondly you apparently do not understand the issues with mirrorless E mount vs dslr/dslt cameras.
        Slr focus sensors detect both the direction and amount the lens is out of focus and move the focusing element directly to the correct position..therefore they can have heavey focus elements and powerfull motor because they do not need to move rapidly back and forth.
        Current Sony mirrorless detects only whether the lens is out of focis and by how much, so the lens needs to constantly hunt for correct focus…this requires very light focusing elements and a stepper motor…which is very fast but not very powerfull.
        Therefore the optical desighn of dslr lenses will not be compatable with mirrorless Sony cameras because they cannot focus fast enough.
        E mount lenses have differrent optical formulas than dslr lenses, it is not sufficient to just change the mount and electronics.

  • sigma ideas

    instead of the usual 24-70 f2.8, how about a 24-50mm f2.5? something shorter in focal length but faster and smaller?

    • Wishful

      24-70 is an industry norm. Professional photographers need the extra range. OS should separate it from Canon and Nikon.

  • Pittsburgh Kid

    Definitely liking macros and ultra-wides. Please include OS. Please.

    The 24-70 is probably a winner, but overlaps my primes.

    A 14-24 to go up against the Nikon is interesting. The Tamron 15-30 was not quite as good at the limits, but actually beat the Nikon in the middle (Lensrentals)

    so how about a 16-28 f2.8 OS Art?

    Trade off a mm or two at the ends vs the Tammy, in exchange for better optical performance and (dare I dream it?) filter compatibility to protect that big, expensive front element.

  • EarlFargis

    Mr. Yamaki’s statement “the factory wasn’t producing any” could be broadened , IMHO, to include virtually any Sigma lens.

  • max

    If only they could add tethering for studio work with dpQ , i would be very happy, im going to buy the dp3q for fashion studio work, and tethering is something i really miss

  • John

    Sigma’s main engineer has a love for medium format film. I realy hope they can make some sort of medium format Foveon camera. Foveon has the looks for it, the main challenge is making a camera that handles like a medium format (film) camera. So a huge and clear viewfinder (optical of course) and a smart focus aid. If they can nail this, they might have a winner. Slow writing speeds because of the huge files are not an issue for most users who come from medium format film. Slow and concentrated is their game.

    • Your idea sounds great! I miss the large optical view finder like the one on my Mamiya RZ. I’m not fussed about write speeds either.
      I’d love to see a bulb setting as I do enjoy shooting at night as well as a video mode (not bothered about HD) in a 6×7 style format so we can achieve a ratio comparable to Stalker.
      Saying that I still love the DPQ series and feel that Sigmas passion for quality will only allow this technology to evolve hopefully to a medium format esque camera.

  • Nikos Delhanidis

    Cannot literally wait for the comparisons at 600mm of the C 150-600 Vs the S

    • EarlFargis

      Oh, yeah you can wait. And wait. And wait.

      • Nikos Delhanidis

        it seems for some reason preorders are not being treated as preorders, but all supplies are serviced simultaneously without priorities. I see the S available in various shops more and more lately

        • EarlFargis

          You live in Europe maybe? I know America is a very low priority for Sigma for whatever reason. Asian copies have been available on eBay at outrageous premiums from bottom feeder merchants for some time.

          • Nikos Delhanidis

            yes Greece, surprised to see the lens available here and even at a lower price than Central Europe. So it makes me thinking …. I really need to know how close is the sharpness of C to S in the DX crop area at 600mm …..

  • Nikos Delhanidis

    my main lens in film era was the Sigma 28-105 f/4 and i really enjoyed that lens, widening up to my favorite wide angle focal length of 24 just makes it a perfect main lens. I’d go for this as a main lens if i have FF system again

    • EarlFargis

      I’m betting wide open you might notice some minor difference but it would be a question of how much you need to crop and pixel peep to find it. At f/8 I’m betting they’re too close to call. I base this on a Tony Northrop double-blind test he did between the Tamron 150-600, the Sigma 150-600 Sports, and some Canons.

      Ultimately, I think the 150-600 Sports raises the bar in this space but by so little it’s not worth considering beyond f/8 and no big deal opened wider.

      I keep questioning my decision to stick with the Sports. Even the Tamron is a reasonable purchase at this point and no long wait. I don’t think I’d get in line for a Contemporary after my frustration dealing with my Sports. Can’t recall a worst buying experience.

      • Nikos Delhanidis

        Thats encouraging to hear as i am shooting at f/8 unless i really don’t have a choice. Pitty theres no option to cancel a preorder

        • EarlFargis

          Your link is saying “Content was blocked because it was not signed by a valid security certificate” which is weird if you’re grabbing it off YouTube. Anyhow, here it is. Should have posted the link before.

        • EarlFargis

          Okay, think my link failed too which is kind of weird but my title matches yours so I think you got it. ;^)

      • Nikos Delhanidis

        Earl, check the first pics from the C, i posted the link on the S Vs C MTF charts post.

  • Jeffry De Meyer

    No 85 art?

    • chickentikamasala

      No. At least not before they release a 105/135 art prime which is completely lacking on their lineup and makes more sense since both nikon/canon/sony offer great 85 primes, while the 105/135 segment seems a little abandoned save for the canon 135 f2 .

      • Jeffry De Meyer

        85-135 f2 zoom would be interesting

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