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Sigma lineup of mirrorless optics

We’ve been told that a 24mm f/2.8 DN Art lens for Sony’s APS-C E-mount platform was in development at Sigma, and planned for release in September 2015. The Micro Four Thirds mount was not mentioned.

In January 2013, Sigma announced a set of DN optics for MFT and Sony E-mount. This lens family has not seen any new member since then.

Sigma has yet to venture into large aperture territory with its mirrorless lens designs. A 24mm f/2.8 DN would surely be a nice addition though, especially if performance is high across the field wide open.

This rumor comes from a new source, so take it with the usual pinch of salt!

  • Scott Fischer

    A longer f2.8 lens, like a 135 ( 200mm, roughly equiv. in 35mm terms ) or there about would be nice. As would optical stabilization. The new Sony a6100 may be released soon and will have ibis, so we may not need the optical stabilizer for that camera, but still would be great on our a6000s.

  • Dennis Linden

    Yes please, I find the 19/30/60 2.8’s all perfectly fine. the 24 is not necessary, but I would buy it.

  • Shamael

    2.8 is not enough, 1.8 would be ok, even at F2 it is not a valuable deal. I use a Minolta 24/2.8 with adapter, I doubt that this Sigma will beat it’s optical quality. As an AF option it could be interesting if it was a pancake.

  • Would love to see something wider than the 19mm for the MFT system.

  • Andrea P.

    I have all three existing lenses for the A6000. I ended up selling the Sony 35mm 1.8 because the Sigma 30mm was as sharp at full aperture as the Sony got at f8. Maybe I had a bad copy.

    • Panacea

      You didn’t. The SEL35F18 isn’t that sharp. What it does have in its favor is speed, stabilization, and DoF control. It’s a nice hand-held lens, esp. in challenging light/night… but the Sigma 30mm is simply better in a good light/deep field/tripodded context.

      For this reason the 24mm f/2.8 will be interesting, since the Sony counterpart is the vaunted-but-unstabilized SEL24F18Z.

  • brother

    2.8 would be acceptable for full-frame, but I wish Sigma would make f/2 lenses for APS-C…

  • matt

    Some more DP3 Quattro samples..very beautifull

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