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Sigma weather sealing test

Sigma weather sealing test. Image credit: Rob Chaney

  • Beautiful images of snow monkeys and red-crowned cranes by Sigma photographer Robert O’Toole, using the 150-600mm Sports lens & Nikon D810 combination.
  • Rob Chaney’s unusual weather-sealing test with the Sigma SD1 Merrill and 150-600mm Sports lens can be best described as refreshing. More about weather sealing in Sigma lenses.
  • The Sigma 24mm f/1.4 Art may not be the dream wide-angle lens for coma-free images, but this wide-angle lens shootout helps put things into perspective. In addition to an extensive coma testing, it provides useful insights into night sky shooting.
  • Wide-angle lenses should claim no monopoly on this type of photography. Here comes Jupiter seen through the Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary.
  • The rarely seen Sigma 300-800mm f/5.6 is SR reader Mike D’s tool for surf photography. Quoting Mike:

The waves were small so my keep rate was extremely low. I needed a lot of mm to get in close – no TC. The images have been post processed. I bought my 300-800 (original version) in 2004 and it is still one of my sharpest lenses on both my D7200 and D810.

If, like Mike, you are using Sigma gear for specialty photography (and regardless of your satisfaction level), please drop us a line!

  • Paul Monaghan

    Just wanted to state the image on the title of this article was by me and not Rob Chaney.

    Here’s the proof.

    You already linked to the image so I guess it was a mistake unless someone else had said they took the image and said you could use it?

    A lot of love went into making that image, the least you could do is credit the right person 🙂

  • Pittsburgh Kid

    I’m pleasantly surprised my Tamron 15-30 came out ahead of wide primes. The only drawbacks are weight and inability to accept front filters. That plus my 35/1.4 Art covers the wide end nicely. Still hankerin’ for a wide Tilt-Shift. ..

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