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Sigma's light hyper telephoto lens

The Nikon-mount and Sigma-mount versions of the Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.6 DG OS HSM Contemporary will start shipping at the end of May (May 29 in Japan).

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Optical construction 20 elements in 14 groups
Special glass 1 FLD and 3 SLD elements
AF with Sigma Global Vision teleconverters Up to f/8
Weather sealing Rubber gasket around the mount
Coating on front and rear lenses Water and oil-repellent
Zoom lock Yes (switch)
Filter thread 95 mm
Minimum focusing distance 280 cm / 110.2 in
Maximum magnification ratio 1:5
Diaphragm blades 9 (rounded)
Size 105 x 260.1 mm
Weight 1,930 g / 68 oz
Mounts Canon EF, Nikon F, Sigma SA, Sony A?

Compare with Sports version.

[Source: SIGMA 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM | Contemporary F/SIGMA and F/NIKON, at Sigma Japan]

  • CERO


  • animalsbybarry

    I was under the impression that A mount for this lens was forever and irrevocably dead. You have it listed here as if it is some future possibility .

    Do you know something that we dont?

    • Florent – SigmaRumors

      Barry, the “Sony” mention links to this. Nothing new since then…

  • animalsbybarry

    Now BH is saying may 29 ? For my Sport and sometime next month????????????? For the contemporary.
    Great job Sigma!

    • EarlFargis

      Barry, found this review which compares the pair of Sigmas to the Tamron. It’s mostly about the Contemporary vs the Tamron since they are direct competitors but they bring up the Sports in places. Most importantly it confirms my thinking long the Sports is the lens to buy if you don’t care about price and weight. It’s the sharpest long probably the most important consideration.

      Surprising to me the Tamron holds up to the Sigma. In fact, based upon this review I’d probably go ahead and buy it versus waiting on a Contemporary. The Tamron edges out the Contemporary for center sharpness long.

      I’m more confident than ever recommending the Sigma Sports as the lens to get unless you just can’t wait then I’d say get the Tamron.

      • animalsbybarry

        Based on this review the Sigma contemporary is not outperforming the Tamron.
        I have seen other reviews tha directly compare the sport to Tammy, and generally they seem comparable at shorter focal lengths but sport performs a little better at 600 f5.6….which I would often be using, so that is a very important differrence.
        Other mtf comparisons between sport and contemporary give spkrt a slight edge at 600mm, particularly wide open.
        So the quality differrence seems to be mainly confined to the longest focal lengths, and in the non central image, wide open at the longest focal length.
        Since that is the most important use to which this lens will be put th aww t small differrence becomes very important.
        Lastly I ecpect to sometimes require the 1.4x…that means I will be REQUIRED to shoot wide open at the longest focal length, wbere the sport most outperforms the others.
        For general use these lenses are all pretty close, but I do not plan to use it for vener as l use, I plan to push the lens to its most extreme…therefore I want the sport version, if I can ever get one.
        I have seen this particular review before, but it was usefull to reread it…thanx.

      • animalsbybarry

        The lack of IBIS on Sony E mount, together with the disabling of OSS on Tamron has turned ne against Tamron.
        But now that E mount is going to have IBIS I am at the point where if my lens is delayed one more time I may send back my Nikon stuff and cancel all my Sigma preorders, and buy the Tamron for Sony.
        It may lack a little in quality but will save me a great deal of aggrevation and expense.
        Naturally if I am forced to do that it will be the last time I would ever consider purchasing anything Sigma makes…I have not yet made that decision but I am close.
        And of course the fact that A mount is dead is another factor to consider.

        • EarlFargis

          I was thinking you could just go ahead and buy the Nikon version since you have a Nikon body now or why not get an A -mount version to go with your a77II which is capable and up to date?

          • animalsbybarry

            If I can’t get a sport soon I would return my nikon stuff and get an A mount Tammy.

  • Pittsburgh Kid

    No kidding. The 150-600 line is a joke. Sigma has lost their way.

    Something was amiss enough to delay both models. Not gonna be the guinea pig for whatever the fixes were.

    Earl, hope you get yours and it’s not buggy. Sigma should be offering something to those who preoredered and were left waiting.

    • EarlFargis

      I’ve had mine for like 2 weeks.

      Lens is overall very nice. As sharp as I hoped for even wide, nice color. Hefty but handholdable with solid stabilization. Exceptionally solid build. Good set of AF/OS options. Like lock to prevent lens creep. Takes filter unlike primes in this range long.

      Downside is weight grows quickly tiring. F/6.3 sucks too much light. Minimum focus distance not so hot. Really dislike thumb screw hood. Don’t think beast of tripod mount removable though I use it to carry lens so not sure I really care.

      Jury out on new matched 1.4x Sigma teleconverter but looks like you really need to stop it down for acceptable results.

      Yeah, I’ll probably never get over Sigma’s inability to mass produce lenses and crickets on why they slowed/stopped production over QA. But so far, so good. Even makes my mundane grab shots look special.

      • Pittsburgh Kid

        Had not realized you got it, congrats!

        I still have my eye on the Nikon 300mm PF. Hoping they get the vibration sorted out and maybe rebates by Christmas.

        Instead of adding more lenses, I decided to augment my D600 with a D7100. Screaming deal on a refurb and now have a 1.5x multiplier for all my lenses.

        instead of a 150 micro for the full frame, just slap the 100 on the D7100. The 300 becomes a 450 and so on. Cheaper and smaller than more lenses plus the backup of a 2nd body.

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