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Sigma's fast normal lens

The Sigma 50mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art is discounted by $100 until June 30.

See all Sigma instant rebates (some of them won’t be renewed in July).

  • blp

    if the sharpness at 24 is decent, then ill get get this instead of the sigma 24 f1.4

  • Russell Ferris

    Ugh, spent my last duckets on a plane ticket home and that 24-35 f2 looks worthy of investment. Next to a 14-24 I’d (hopefully) have a supreme wide angle lens set, which still leaves me lusting for a 50A.

    • Pittsburgh Kid

      Tamron 15-30.

      Available. OS. Equal or better than the 14-24 Nikkor.


      • Russell Ferris

        The tamron is far from a portrait lens

        • Pittsburgh Kid

          A 24-35 isn’t either. Even the 50 is a little short unless you are using DX format.

          The 85f1.8 is a splendid portrait.

          I thought about the 50A but bought a D7100 instead. Now my 35A becomes a de facto 50 with the DX body. The 85 is of course an 85 with the FX.

          Having both DX and FX bodies makes my lens collection far more flexible. All the way up to the Diascope w/Nikon adapter.

          I’d love the 50A but just can’t justify it when I have outstanding 35 and 85 primes.

          An auto Macro in the 60 to 180 range is probably next to replace my veteran AI’ed Vivitar Series 1 90mm, which was top notch way back in the day. The Nikkor 105 will probably get the nod unless Sigma gets around to an Art 150 or similar. No idea what they will do, their marketing is all over the map

          The Nikon 300PF is showing up at Best Buy (gag!), maybe Santa will pick one up if they do a $300/400-ish rebate this winter. With a 1.4TC and both bodies it takes me to 600 effectively without weighing a ton. Maybe DXO or Lensrentals will have tests on either 150-600 by 2016.

          • Russell Ferris

            That is quite the spread of lenses! I’m all set with an 85 1.8 afs and a 120-300 sport for standard bokeh portraits. The 14-24 is useable for some portrait work at 24 or wider in tight places. As for the 24-35 f2, I’m purely basing the quality of the lens on the 18-35 and hoping it looks good wide open for group photos and possibly some portraits in unsavory lighting conditions like a dance floor. I too was going to drop a sensor size to the fuji 23mm f2 jobby, for compactness in 35mm range BUT this announcement is nicer and cheaper

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