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Sony Alpha 7R II full-frame mirrorless camera

With Sony’s A7 series becoming more and more attractive, requests for Sigma FE-mount lenses are increasing.

Apparently it’s just a matter of time before we see Sigma taking the plunge, judging from the last words of Sigma’s CEO on this topic:

DPReview: Can you give us an idea of your current priorities?
Kazuto Yamaki: DSLRs first, particularly Canon and Nikon, since most of our customers use those systems. And after that mirrorless. Sony FE-mount.

So now the question is: when?

I must say, I can’t find back the recent interview where Mr. Yamaki expresses initial thoughts and questioning on how to design a high-performance FF mirrorless lens without making it too bulky. In any case, it was hinting at a very, very early development stage.

Now what if the impressive AF performance of the A7R II with DSLR lenses encouraged Sigma to release its in E-mount, instead of developing a dedicated lens line?

This option was first suggested to Sigma by Imaging Resource in November 2014, and certainly deserves to be explored — even more so now.

Imaging Resource: Yeah, I guess that’s another possibility: You have some very good full frame lenses. It’d be kind of like taking APS-C and translating to Micro Four Thirds, if you take some of your full-frame lenses, and just have an E-mount on them so that they work with the full-frame sensor.
Sigma: Yeah, I could see that would be very helpful.

Whatever happens, interesting times ahead…

  • animalsbybarry

    Of coarse…at 11 am when they first allowed preorders.

    • EarlFargis

      I really hope you like it because I know this is the sort of thing you’ve been wait for. At that price I’m sure I’d be disappointed so I think I’ll pass for now. ;^)

      • animalsbybarry

        Obviosly I would like a super high res …78mp or higher camera , especially fpr macro.
        But this is relatively high res at 42mp and high iso, high dynamic range, and low noise.
        I think this will be the best choice for lenses like the150-600mm.
        When a higher res comes out…I would guess the A9 in september will be higher res… I will probably get that too for use with the Sony f2.8 fe macro.
        Unfortunately it looks like it will not arrive till August and I will be unable to use it for some important shoots.
        Maybe Sony will surprise us and release sone earlier than expected, after all it’s not like this is Sigma we are talking about.

        • EarlFargis

          Jeez… Sony’s going to love you. ;^)

          • animalsbybarry

            Only when I say good stuff about them, not when I say bad stuff.

          • EarlFargis

            No, I was just thinking from the perspective of spending ~$3,000 around August on a Sony body then what will be undoubtedly as much, if not more, for the a9 in September.

            I was reading a review of the Canon EOS 5DS and they’re saying we’re starting to get into a realm where top-notch glass is needed to get the most of its 50.6 megapixel sensor. I guess that’s a cliché statement that can be said about any sensor to some degree, but I think it’ll be interesting to find out which lenses hold up well and which don’t. Certainly to Sony’s 42 megapixel sensor which isn’t so much of a bump.

            My Minolta/Sony glass is pretty mediocre. One reason I’m not so concerned about getting the latest and greatest Sony sensor in an A mount unless it’s a reasonable value. Nikon? Different story. I bought better glass though they’re mostly zooms.

            Looking at LenScore, the Sigma 150-600 S rates highest of the 3 150-600s in resolving power. All score decently.

            As sensors get better and better my future might be more primes. ;^)

            I wish the Sony a7R wasn’t so lousy in so many respects because I’d love to match that sensor to my Minolta/Sony glass. I’m even more eager to see what Nikon’s next great body is in the megapixel race though if Sony’s pricing gives me pause Nikon is certain to take my breath away!

            I guess there’s no hope the a9 will be an A mount. :^(

          • animalsbybarry

            2 things that I guarantee will interest you.
            A fully electronic Nikon to E mount adapter will be coming out, including electronic diaphragm.
            See SAR
            I discovered a highly usefull product that few people would think is usefull for photography.
            FLAG CARRIERS.
            They come in leather or web, single or double strap.
            I like the double strap web best for all day use, single strap for quick or occasional use.
            Put your big lens plus head on a folded monopod., adjust either the strap length and or monopod length for comfort, and carry /use your long lens set up handheld all day with ease.
            The capacity of this setup is basically as heavy as you can handle.l

  • Jeffry De Meyer

    Yes backbutton focus on my a7 is useless, I end up jabbing my finger in my eye more than I end up getting focus

  • nwcs

    I’m still hoping Sigma makes a Fuji X lens. If they did an E mount they could easily do an X mount like Zeiss.

    • blp

      ikr imagine using the sigma 18-35 on fuji xt1 ….

      • nwcs

        It would be pretty cool. The 16-55 is really good but the 18-35 offers some unique possibilities for Fuji. I’d love to see a few other APS sized lenses from Sigma, too.

  • David

    Would buy right away: A lens comparable to the canon 50/1.8 – like a 50mm f/2 FE for <=150 Euros

    • Canondude-Mirrorstorm

      Gotta have the nifty fifty. I have both versions of the Minolta AF 50mm 1.7, and they both cost me less than $15. Too bad the LAEA4 costs $350 lol.

  • animalsbybarry

    With the new phase detection on E mount Sigma would not have to develope special lenses anymore, just stick an E mount on any lense they want…then again all thier Canon mount lenses are now fully compatable with E mount…and they focus as fast or faster than they do on native Canon cameras.
    The a7rii is the start of a new generation of cameras.
    DSLR and DSLT are dead, and proprietary monts will be gone..we will be able to put any lens on anycamera finally.
    Canon users are very sensitive about this subject and do not want to hear about the a7rii

    • Jeffry De Meyer

      Yeah I want to see real world tests by multiple people before I’m going to put much stock on that fast focusing. At the moment Sony bodies have a hard time getting focus with native emount glass when there is any action going on in the scene

      • animalsbybarry

        The camera was available hands on at the Adorama street fair, and many many people reportedl tried it with various Canon lenses and Metabones adapter.
        Every one I know of claims as fast or faster focus than on native Canon body.
        There is little doub fast focus with Canon lenses works.

        • Jeffry De Meyer

          I have seen the clips where the camera beeps, I haven’t seen images taken with the camera.

          I have the a7, and used the a6000 they have issues when movement is involved

          • animalsbybarry

            This is a totally new focus system.
            What those cameras can or can’t do is therefore not relevent.
            This is the first with a new type of on senser phase detectthat actually works with dslr lenses.

          • Jeffry De Meyer

            I still want to see it tested and given an honest review before I am going to believe a word of these claims and consider spending any money.
            The a6000 was also supposed to be an all new revolutionary AF system and it isn’t a hair better than the one on my a7 (also phase detect) the a7s and r were the ones that only worked with contrast

          • EarlFargis

            If I were a Canon user contemplating a $3,000+ purchase of their new megapixel monster the a7R II might be worth a look. Obviously, Sony fans willing to fork out $3,000+ for a new toy will be dumping their previous Sony toy for this. However, not so sure about everyone else.

            I don’t see Metabones coming out with a AF Nikon adapter just because Sony has a high-end a7R II out.

            Long-term maybe Sony can mainstream this tech but since they just came out with a cheaper a7 II without it I suspect they’ll milk the early adopters for all they’ll worth. At least a year. Probably 18 months.

            Nikon was rumored to be coming out with a body using a new (Sony?) high megapixel sensor. I’d like to see what they release. Not that’ll it’ll be cheaper but after using a D800 body and feature set I don’t think I can return to Sony as my main camera.

            Though I would like to pick up a refurbished a7R if they get DX priced to toy with my old Minolta lens collection. The a7R other than the sensor (which is terrific) isn’t so hot but would be a fun toy.

          • animalsbybarry

            Nikon will around the end of this year anounce a ff mirrorless f mount camera…either with this sensor or the new higher resolution version of this sensor that will go into the A9, to be anounced around September.
            Possibly 2 versions with both sensors.
            I think Sony will be less agressive in pursuing Nikon customers because Nikon is a good sensor customer for Sony.
            I would not mind seeing a Nikon adapter with fast AF even if manual diaphra.

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