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Sigma dp Quattro Foveon cameras

Sigma has released a firmware update for the dp1, dp2 and dp3 Quattro. Early owners of the dp0 Quattro already benefit from these features.

From Sigma:

dp1 Quattro (Ver1.03), dp2 Quattro (Ver1.06), dp3 Quattro (Ver1.01)

  • It has improved the camera’s AF speed.
  • It is possible to select whether or not the AF function operates when the shutter button is half-pressed.
  • It has become compatible with Eye-Fi related functions.
  • It has improved the color tones in “Daylight” and “Flash” white balance modes.
  • It has corrected the occasional phenomenon that the image is not saved properly when the image size is set to S-HI.
  • It has changed the specification to use the AEL button to capture a Custom White Balance, instead of the Shutter button.
  • It has increased the number of display modes from 2 to 4 so that more options are available on the display.
  • It has changed the name of the [Display Mode Settings] menu to [|□| Mode Settings], and the name of the option from [Display Mode] to [Custom].
  • It has changed the display information during Interval Timer shooting to indicate the maximum burst of shots even when the shooting information is set at “Off”.

Note: If the firmware has been updated, please be sure to update the software to the latest version (SIGMA Photo Pro 6.3.0).

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