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Large-aperture wide-angle zoom lens from Sigma

The folks at SLR Gear have posted their technical conclusions on the Sigma 24-35mm f/2 DG HSM Art.

  • Wide open, the lens is impressively sharp across the frame and over the zoom range on its native platform (full frame), although there’s an unavoidable drop-off near the corners.
  • Minor amounts of CA were noticed.
  • Vignetting is moderate wide open, at all focal lengths.
  • Distortion goes from slight barrel (-0.8%) at 24mm to minor pincushion (+0.4%) at 35mm.
  • AF is very quick.

What stands out from this review is the consistent behavior of the Sigma 24-35mm f/2 Art. The lens showed an even and high-grade performance throughout its range.

As a complement, check out Sigma’s own sample photos — lots of close-ups, so you can see if the bokeh is to your liking.

  • Sold. Was debating about the 18-35mm for my C100, but since I also shoot stills with the Mark III this is without a doubt my next purchase.

  • mas921

    This is good, very good!

  • john

    I hope we’ll see some of that Art zoom greatness in mirrorless too. Or a zoom DP. That’s something I’d seriously consider.

  • Gene

    Am I the only one to find discrepancies in the SLR Gear review when comparing to Canikon lenses? When they claim that it takes two Canikon lenses to provide for the same focal range of this Sigma, this does not seem correct. In both cases, each of the two lenses cover the 24-35mm range and you would only need one. Granted neither of Canikon lenses provides the widest aperture opening of this Sigma. The other issue is when SLR Gear decides to use 1.4 prime lenses in the Nikon portfolio to copmare the weight to this Sigma. However, Nikon makes 1.8 and 2.0 primes in the same focal range and a collection of those three would be lighter than the mass of this one. Again, granted, the IQ qualities can be argued. But if I take these inaccuracies in comparison, why should I trust the opinion of SLR Gear review in the other items they write about? They have lost credibility with me. I am putting them on ignore and awaiting other reviews to gain the understanding of this lenses qualities and trade offs.

    • Russell Ferris

      Art lenses have been wowing everyone, why naysay this work of progress?

      • Gene

        “…Naysay this work of progress?”? The only thing I naysay is the work of SLR Gear in reviewing the product. I said nothing negative about the Sigma product. I know nothing about it to say one way or the other. I do own some Sigma Art lenses. If this one is as good as it is advertised, I may even consider purchasing one. But, it will not be based on an opinion published by SLR Gear reviews.

        • Russell Ferris

          Take the good from the review and enjoy that feeling of Christmas.

          • Gene

            That is my point. I do not trust the review to take ANYTHING from it.

          • Just Me

            Confusing verbage, no doubt, but I’ve always found SLRgear to be very reliable. My guess is that language is cleared up in a day or two and that this is a very good indicator that the 24-35 f/2 is a very good lens.

          • Jo Jundt

            Some people call that “self-betray”, others “perception disorder” – if you only extract the stuff which is pleasing to you, you gonna live in a new world, entirely yours and entirely disconnected to reality as it also is. 😉

            If I knew this lens would come one day, I might have waited and passed the 35 and 24 Art. One f-stop less I could live with. Some say, this lens is 24, 28 and 35 and they are right of course – but who is gonna take those 3 lenses regularly in his/her bag? Either I have 24/50 combination with me or 35/85, but never ever 24/35. Some times it would have been useful to have this kind of zoom. But carrying the 24-105 which is as heavy as this one brings up some question marks if my back would appreciate this lens.

    • Channyuk

      Yes I read that and was confused too. Maybe they were so enthralled by the performance of the lens that they imagined it goes down to 20mm?

  • Russell Ferris

    Sold! I’m very lucky to not have a 24-70 with a junk 24-35 range anyway and I am even luckier to have a 14-24 to pair with this 24-35

  • Just Me

    That is a very good start. If this holds up, this is a very sharp lens. Definitely sharper than the Canon EF 24-70 II @ 24 mm (especially from f/2.8-4) and maybe a bit sharper at 28 mm and 35 mm. Also, vignetting at 24 mm f/2.8 is half that of the 24-70 II. Plus, f/2. I’ll want to see more reviews and I’ll have to think about this more, but combined with my Rokinon 14 mm f/2.8, could make an excellent nightscape combination.

  • Jeffry De Meyer

    Yes I want it, now tell us how much it costs sigma sales department.

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