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14mm f/4 lens

The Sigma dp0 Quattro is in stock at B&H Photo.

Focus Numerique has tested the Sigma dp0 Quattro (English translation) and came away stunned by the resolving power of the 14mm lens.

  • Peak sharpness is reached wide open (f/4) for most of the frame, with only the extreme corners scoring very slightly below the f/5.6 aperture. Not enough for the eye to perceive it.
  • At f/4, center resolution is only two hundredths short of the theoretical maximum for the Quattro sensor.
  • Resolution figures in the corners are lower than in central areas, but perceived sharpness remains very high wherever one looks.
  • For the best results, don’t stop down past f/8.
  • Ramana

    Japanese site dcwatch has published a review of DP0:

    There are some nice pictures showing the potential of dp0. But it appears from the ISO test that IQ gets affected significantly at ISO 200 itself.

  • Lea Tippett

    The DP0Q has a great lens ūüėČ

  • Ramana

    I’m curious what Lloyd Chambers is going to say about dp0. He was scathing in his critique of the earlier Quattros but a lot of water has flown in the creek since then.

    • Jeffry De Meyer

      Did he give the dp2 a fair chance? I’m hitting a paywall

    • Tim

      I would also like to see him review the dp0. His main gripe in his dp2q review was with SPP, which was unusable on his set up. It’s a shame because he said the jpegs produced out of camera were the best he had ever seen.

      • Ramana

        diglloyd: That DP2 Quattro… disappointed. Smearing. Ends the Merrill line. Maybe it‚Äôs software though (faint hope).

        Ming Thein: I was told from an inside source that new SW and DPP are coming in the next week that should fix it.

        diglloyd: I have not been successful in processing even one image on my Mac Pro with SPP 6. Every edit window pops up off screen.

        Ming Thein: Played with one last couple of days – my printmaster here works with Sigma for various things – I was surprised by how slow it was and how noisy it was, too. Not much improvement over the Merrills that I can see, other than blue color accuracy.

        diglloyd: I have some nice martian rocks for you.

        Ming Thein: Now I’ve lost you.

        diglloyd: SPP 6 leaves developer hooks in… sleep system… hang with password dialog to debug… shoddy work. Last comment on skepticism of ‚Äúall will be fixed‚ÄĚ. Two years of sending bug reports leaves me very cynical here.

        • Tom

          Fuji have kind of faced the same issue with X-Trans. I’m not sure how any landscape photographers could be happy with how it resolves small / fine details but APS-C class leading noise and DR performance is a convincing distraction. Instead it’s Adobe that have been chastised!
          With SPP being the only RAW developer, the software should be reviewed as a part of the camera and that won’t work in Sigma’s favour. Hopefully more updates are en route because I expect to see a lot of reviews for the DP0; highlight roll-off should take priority, I don’t see 5* reviews with the caveat of underexposing.

      • Ramana

        Looks like Lloyd will test DP0: “I do have the new Sigma dp0 Quattro coming, though the thought of using Sigma Photo Pro to process more than a few images makes my stomach churn.”

        Would be interesting if he shoots some in the 21:9 aspect ratio. Can dp0 be the digital XPan?

        • Tim

          Should be interesting, he doesn’t pull any punches. He has treated Sony and most recently Leica cameras to similar harsh criticism as the Quattro. Lloyd is also an expert photographer who posts the best real world sample images, the other review site samples are just awful and tell you little about what the camera is really capable of.

          No question the early firmware on the Quattro left a lot to be desired and SPP back then was a train wreck. The latest version is worth a look, it resolves detail better and has improved color. Using the dp0 over the last week has been a far more satisfying experience than using the dp2q was last year.

          • Ramana

            Dc watch review shows some impressive real world pictures taken from dp0.

          • Tim

            Some of the better samples out there. They actually use it the way a UWA should be used. The lack of distortion is really impressive. It’s still a Foveon sensor though, so low ISO is where it really shines.

            Google’s translation of Japanese is always amusing. Here’s the last sentence of the review: “Although not accept asshole at all, it should be the one and only exist for a favorite person. Not only choosing a subject, it is a habit of strong camera to choose also hand to take.”

  • Tom

    With x3f_extract providing some interesting results (linear DNG output, choose your RAW developer) for overexposed Quattro files, plus an impressive denoise performance, this an exciting time for the DP0 to show up.

    Huge workflow shift and working with the DNGs in Iridient Developer is actually enjoyable. Also Iridient’s sharpening tools work beautifully with Quattro files.

    P.S, Park Cameras (UK) had the DP0 as “in stock” earlier but is back to pre-order now? Price down to ¬£799. has it in stock and ship Europe wide.

  • Tim

    I’ve been using the dp0 for about a week, around 350 shots, mostly at f5.6-f8. I can’t think of any UWA that performs anywhere near as well as this one for the price. It’s a spectacular landscape lens.

  • Jeffry De Meyer

    I have to many wants already

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