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sigma 20mm f1.4 art lens
We just received confirmation from Sigma about our previous article about the possibility of the new lens. The rumors are true! Sigma just announced the release of the new 20mm F1.4 DG HSM art lens. This lens is the first F1.4 ultra wide angle lens for DSLR cameras in the world.

Features of this lens include:

  • Improved control of composition and light
  • High-speed lens
  • Customization and adjustment possible with Sigma USB Dock
  • Distortion is lessened
  • 5 SLD and 2 FLD elements to better correct chromatic aberrations
  • aspherical lens, large in diameter

Click here to view full details about the new art lens.

You can pre-order this lens for $899 from B&H Photo.

  • Beat Fehr

    When Sigma make’s this lense in a FE for Sony, i will by one imedeately.

  • Bob B.

    Has anyone found any sample images on the web from this lens?????????

  • Russell Ferris

    Do I sell the 14-24 for this?

    • EarlFargis

      I’m not. Your mileage may vary.

      • Russell Ferris

        They aren’t quite there yet with the UWA primes to replace the zooms, perhaps I’ll jump ship if they drop a 15mm f2 in the future.

    • Bob B.

      I would keep my Canon 16-35mm f/4 IS and use one of these for the high f/stop and Art quality of the rendering. If it delivers that. I see justifying having both. I doubt that this lens would be any sharper than my Canon zoom…as that thing is VERY sharp….but its the particular focal length (that I love) at f/1.4. It should be unique!

  • MS

    There are so many predictions for new Sigma lens here, but the 20mm F1.4 was not mentioned at all… Very strange website. No rumors, only speculations.

    • Jeffry De Meyer

      Sigma is a relatively small family owned company, it isn’t as hard to keep secrets when there aren’t that many people that know what is going on.

    • GB

      I don’t think anyone saw the 24-35 / 2A coming, either. Sigma is true to their word of releasing interesting quality lenses. However, I know what’s coming next — I’ll tell you all about it after they announce it. : )

      • MS

        Everyone can tell me all about the new lens after its announcement…

      • Jeffry De Meyer

        Is it a full frame dp4 135mm f2.8 with a 9 bladed apreture?

        • Jo Jundt

          Jeffry, what would you want with such a thing? AF with dp-series remains lame, EVF not available and backlit shots are simply forbidden unless you don’t want to see some psychedelic rainbow flares. Also, 135 mm needs a sensor which can handle low light. No, that’s no strength of Sigma. They better do what they can instead of wasting energy on fantasy products which would not be bought even from the inventors of those fantasies 😀

          • Jeffry De Meyer

            Studio portraiture and I would buy it.

    • EarlFargis

      Get used to photo rumor sites. That’s just the way it is.

      For whatever reason, companies in this industry are extremely tight-lipped and don’t like creating buzz around their products like you see being popular in other markets to build excitement and ‘freeze’ markets to encourage folks to wait for their product rather than getting something today from the competition. I don’t get the camera/lens industry’s über conservative approach to marketing. Like most enthusiasts and pros I often find it frustrating because equipment is expensive (even if you can get a decent % back selling it used) so most purchases are long-term. We’ve all purchased something only to have a bit (or more) buyer’s remorse because a tight-lipped company like Sigma suddenly releases something we’d rather own.

      So in absence of solid corporate leaks, even when a rumor source is cited, they’re often just someone in the retail chain who’s hearing something many times removed from someone actually in the know. As long as speculation is marked as such, I value someone who follows Sigma (or whatever) giving us their opinion about their read of the market based upon experience and piecing together hints dribbled to us by corporate interviews.

      If anyone in Sigma follows this blog, I encourage them to issue road maps. It can do nothing but boost sales and lead to customer goodwill.

      • Jo Jundt

        I’d also appreciate a roadmap like other manufacturers provide.
        Sigma is constantly stretching the limits: First 20/1.4, first 18-35/1.8, first 24-35/2, first (and still only) manufacturer who shares firmware update possibilities with their customers.

        Things can go wrong, promising too much always leads to disappointment. Delivery dates are meant in a way “from xx-xx-xx on you can start to look forward to it” and not “available” in terms of “I can buy it”.

        And with this lens I suspect they do it again: Bring out two great primes and lateron the zoom of the same FL and only slightly less fast. With their general aiming for fast glass, things become heavier and primes are no longer “best you can get”. I think, I’ll hold back with buying this lens. If I knew there would be no zoom, probably I’ll get the prime. But now I’ll wait.

      • Brendan

        Developing a lens isn’t like developing a game or making a movie though. There is a very good chance Sigma has a bunch of different potential lens designs on the table at all times, and it’s not until the design is complete, someone signs off on the business case and manufacturing begins can they start to make plans for release… and in the case of lenses, it’s often ‘beat the competition to the gate.’

        While these are toys and a fun past time for the majority of us, I’d rather not wait until holiday season for a strategic release of a $1000 piece of glass.

  • loopyumpa

    Bravo Sigma. Truly innovative and a great addition, BUT WHERE IS THE 85 1.4 ART!?!?!

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