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Adobe released a new update of Lightroom that supports the new Sigma 20mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art lens. The new updated software is supposed to fix many different bugs such as functionality, stability, and performance issues and many more.

To learn more, click here.

To Download the new Adobe Lightroom Update, click here.

Buy the Sigma 20mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art lens from B&H Photo.

  • Bob B.

    Picked one up this past week. The low DOF wide-open coupled with the Ultr-Wide perspective has an incredibly unique “look” when used judiciously! Some imaging ground has been broken here.
    …and damn….this thing is SHARP!!!…even wide open.

  • EarlFargis

    If anyone is interested, Nikon Rumors is reporting the Sigma 20mm f/1.4 is now shipping for the F mount.

  • EarlFargis

    Sigma sent me their Black Friday/Cyber Monday lens specials:

    • Pittsburgh Kid

      Got that too. Was hoping for one of the 150-600’s, maybe next year.

      No idea what Sigma has in the works for next year, but my wish list includes:

      A super-wide prime (14mm or wider) with OS. Not another f1.4, a 2.8 with OS.

      A wide tilt shift. Anything from 16mm to 40-ish. Copy the Canon 17, but make it better, cheaper and in Nikon mount.

      A new Art macro. Anything from 60 to 150. OS.

      A phase fresnel 400 f4.5. Or a solid Cat, or OS reflex. Something long and prime that isn’t ginormous.

      A UV lens. Coastal optics are too too much. Maybe a 90mm f2.5 OS UV.

      A mirrorless foveon body with interchangeable lens mounts (Nikon). Compatible with a QHD tablet instead of a teensy screen. Us old guys can’t see em.


      • EarlFargis

        Don’t know if it’s still there but Sigma’s USA website had a refurbished 150-600 S in a Nikon mount for $1,500 (if I recall right).

        • Pittsburgh Kid

          Saw that too but Nikon was OOS.

          The macro in the BF sale isn’t bad ($669) but think I’ll wait for an Art macro

          I think going forward any Sigma I’ll consider will need to be USB Dock compatible.

          Picked up a Rokinon 14mm for $259 new on eBay/Adorama. A little wider than my Tamron 15-30 (which doesn’t really reach 15) and a bunch smaller and lighter. Love the Tamron, but wanted a knock about super wide angle until Sigma does a 12/14 Art. I do a fair amount of urban architecture photography, and the big &heavy lenses tend to draw unwanted attention sometimes. Thought about a dp0, but the price on the 14 was too tempting.

          (Deal is dead now, I think)

          Sigma could own the Astro market with a low coma 12/14-ish Art. f2.8 with OS much preferred over an f2.0 or 1.4. Those huge aperture lenses carry too much weight and cost penalty.

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