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ceramic protector filter

The new ceramic filters that were just announced have been added to B&H Photo. You can preorder any of these filters now to add to your Sigma collection.

The filters range from 67mm-$93 to 105mm-$315.

Find and pre-order any of these new ceramic filters at B&H Photo.

What’s the big hype over these Sigma Ceramic filters?

These filters are supposed to be the strongest so far in the industry and they have proven that statement. These Sigma ceramic filters are expected to protect your lenses like no other filter on the market.

They prevent damage to the lens and are scratch and shock resistant. The filters also repel against almost everything. Dust, oil, fingerprints, water, you name it.

How protective are these new filters?

A newly released video from Sigma shows what happens when a 1.7 ounce metal ball is dropped from 4 feet onto the Sigma Ceramic Filter compared to other brand’s filters. This video shows just how strong these new Sigma filters are.

  • braquo

    Will they make one for the DP2 Quattro?

  • Russell Ferris

    Would I have a laugh if I popped one of these onto a professional lens and had it bashed somehow only for the filter to survive leaving the lens shattered.

  • SimenO

    Maybe worth it for high risk photographers, but personally I have never damaged any lens and I don’t know anybody else that have too, so I consider the risk so low that It’s not worth it.

    • azbest

      maybe it can stop bullets..

      • SimenO

        Yes, a 49 gram smooth spherical bullet travelling at 5 m/s, if the filter is supported by a circular rubber ring slightly larger then the bullet. 5 m/s! so don’t toss the bullet to hard.

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