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We have received a rumor that Sigma has been preparing some amazing things for their next trade show, hosted in Japan. Some things have been in progress for years and are going to be released soon. With the many new rumors of new lenses, cameras and other products, you can expect to see new things from Sigma.

Among those things might be a DSLR camera with a Canon or Nikon mount. With Sigma hard at work creating new technology, what big things do you think they might be working on?

  • jojo

    What a hoot if Sigma beat Nikon to an F mount mirrorless!!

    • myNameIsCondor

      A mirrorless with the flange distance of a DSLR?

  • krisak

    Please put an EVF in your DP-series.
    As much as I like the Foveon, I can’t deal with the whole cell-phone usability thing. (Tried the hotshoe viewfinder for the DP2. Wasn’t good.)

  • opp

    Such a camera would be awesome, because I could use a bayer sensor camera to compensate the foveon weaknesses and use the same lenses for both.

  • Mike Earussi

    Sigma doesn’t make money on their cameras, so as a company what they need are new lenses. I’ve been hoping for an upgrade to their 10-20 f3.5, 17-50 f2.8 and the 85 f1.4. A new 50-150 f2.8 would also be nice.

    • Jo Jundt

      Those lenses all might be nice, but depending on a saturated DSLR market. It’s time for Sigma as well to enter the next phase of photography – and not by just reconfiguring their 19, 30 and 50 mm lens for the Merrills, but also put some effort into the gaps the genuine houses still have in their portfolio.

      Also, Sigma’s point in making cameras is basically having a reason to make Foveon sensors. They can afford to “make no money with cameras”because – believe it or not – making money is not the only thing what counts for this company. I wish, others would follow their example.

      • Mike Earussi

        They have to make some money or they wouldn’t survive as a company. And it’s the profit from their lenses that enable them to pay for their money losing cameras.

        • Jo Jundt

          They have to make money to pay the workers, engineers, materials and buildings – but what they do with their benefit, after everything is paid, is absolutely not your concern! If you’re worried about the profit they make with a lens you bought – you did buy recently, I assume? – then just get a camera from them to even up things 😀

          Seriously, I don’t understand your complaints. It’s always easy to demand a couple of things from a company, isn’t it? But it’s not as if you don’t have any alternatives. Two of your lenses are DX specialities, the 50-150/2.8 makes ’em 3 and for the 85/1.4 Art the list of supporters is already quite long, I’m in as well. But to be honest – I once traded in a Nikkor 24/1.4G for the Sigma Art. I’m not so sure to do that again with the 85/1.4 G which has some weaknesses, but also a very nice bokeh. So, this time no preorder. I can wait, and I’m very sure Sigma will surprise a lot of us within the next 2-3 months.

  • ntotrr

    The Chairman of Sigma has said flat-out that there will not be any SD camera with a Nikon or Canon mount:

    Q: Do you take into consideration to starting offer Sigma SLR cameras (like SD) with different mounts for other system manufacturers? Don’t you think that it could bring more popularity of Sigma SLR and bigger sales?

    A: No, we cannot

    What more do we need than this to know that this rumor has no basis in truth at all?

  • Jeffry De Meyer

    That would be rather pointless, sigma doesn’t lack lenses.
    They need a more versatile body something a foveon sensor isn’t going to be delivering anytime soon.

    • catinhat

      Quite the opposite, they can pick up some, perhaps quite a few, Nikon users who are not particularly happy with the current Nikon colors. It doesn’t have to be a versatile body, it will be good enough if it is a fine low ISO body with beautiful colors.

    • myNameIsCondor

      They have enough lenses, but many (including myself) would be hesitant to invest significantly in lenses with Sigma mount. The Sigma DSLR’s were promising, but they are struggeling in many aspects. It even seems Sigma has abandonned their DSLR camera.

      I do not think the rumor is true, but it would make sense.

      • Jeffry De Meyer

        I think it was a miss interpreted version of the new sigma canon EOS EF to sony emount and the sigma a-mount to sone e-mount convertor

        And I wouldn’t say they were promising, camera wise sigma isn’t and never was all that great, if it wasn’t for foveon and how it beats pretty much anything affordable on the image quality aspect i wouldn’t be touching any of their cameras

  • disqus_PTa7GxvTti

    My wish is for a full frame Merrill in the new SD2. But, we all know that will never happen. Their new DSLR with most likely be a re-hash of all the unsold SD1M bodies with the same APSC Quattro sensor that the DP line uses.

    • Paul Monaghan

      I have to agree with you, the Merrill sensor is outstanding and why My dlsr’s sit in a bag while I walk about with a dp1m and dp3m for leisure and studio work.

      The Quattro isn’t so bad, I feel Sigma are still working on the IQ as x3f tools have shows there’s more highlight room and such there that we can’t get to in SSP yet, still it loses some of that micro contrast the Merrill as but I’ve been using the dp3q for a while and it still produces great images that I would take over a bayer.

      I too would love to see A full frame Merrill, Sigma has the lens for it… as for a MF Merrill well that would just bring in a whole new standard of IQ 🙂

      • silmasan

        [From the late 2014 interview]

        Yamaki: I understand. Also, I like the pictures taken with medium format film, or even 8×10 film. When I saw pictures taken with 8×10 film, I was really amazed and very surprised by the
        quality. One of my dreams is to create a picture quality like the one taken with 8×10 film. So I understand that a larger sensor has a significant advantage. So, for the future?…

        Yamaki: No comment (laughs).

        I do believe in dreams. And in Yamaki-san. 🙂

        • disqus_PTa7GxvTti

          Yeah, we can only hope! Just imagine what kind of a processor would be required to deal with those files to writing…

      • disqus_PTa7GxvTti

        I don’t have any working knowledge with the Quattro sensor or DP Series. I’ve only seen profiles on the net and since the glass I have for my SD1M (18-35, 50 & 24-105 Art lenses) covers the range, it did not make sense for me to acquire.

        A friend got me into Sigma and I never looked back. Yes, there are many cons working with the SD1M or Sigma in general but for me, I’ve somehow learned to accept it and work around it. For me, IQ is number one and since the day I first saw the power of these files, the camera has never left my tripod or 100ISO. It’s more to lug around, but the results are so worth it. Not the greatest “job” camera as it’s too slow, so I use it strictly for my art. To get paid, the D4 and 645D get the call.

        Hopefully they will improve the IQ of the Quattro towards the Merrill. But at this point with that top layer being blue and capturing most of the information, that leaves less for the green layer which is responsible to capture the detail/micro contrast. My only hope then is for them to release a FF Quattro. The files will be cleaner. Just not sure if that will offset the detail difference. Who knows.

        A MF Foveon sensor….even at the small end MF size of the Pentax 645D/Z series at 44.0mm x 33mm alone would be killer. I would buy that in a heartbeat. But that would require a whole new line of lenses and I can’t see Sigma going that far. Then again, They did go and surprise everyone with the DP0. Who knew they’d do that? One thing is for sure about Sigma though; they can keep a secret on lock.

        • Paul Monaghan

          The dp range is nice becausw you get live view focus, faster operation with a 7 frame buffer and leafshutters for upto 1/2000s flash sync.

          The lens on them are great to especially the dp3m/q.

          The quatro cameras have even greater usability but lose the merrill cloud rendering and with some micro contrast but more detail and better colors in the shadows.

          Here’s a wee video of me using the Quattro.

          I have a pentax k5 and k3 for event shooting but i use the sigmas for eveything I can inside the limitations

          • disqus_PTa7GxvTti

            It looks like the Quattro is holding up well in the video. I just can’t help knowing that MORE could be there since I’m a IQ junkie.

            My only hope is that when Sigma gets around to replacing the SD1M, they do it with a FULL FRAME SENSOR. You listening Sigma?? It’s been five years.

          • Paul Monaghan

            I would love a full frame merrill sensor and sigma has the lens for it but I feel if anything sigma are more than likely to stich the current sensor and it could be easier due to the lower pixel count on the bottom layers?.

            At anyrate that would be around 40mp which would be close to 60-70mp in bayer for detail or aroubd 10mp true x3 in low rez which is a nice size for casual shooting or even events if they could boost the iso quality a little.

            For the dslr I feel it wouldn’t make sense to use an apsc sensor since full frame bayer cameras are pretty cheap to pick up these days and sigma has an awesome line up of full frame glass

        • Paul Monaghan

          Yea I would love a MF foveon too, I like the DP’s due to the leafshutter enabling 1/2000 sync with strobes which the SD1M can’t do (not even any HSS support yet from 3rd party).

          You are right about the Quattro losing some of the micro detail of the Merrill but it has much better colors in the shadows and in some situations the different rendering can be a bonus (portraits in the studio) and is still much nicer than a bayer file imho 🙂

  • animalsbybarry

    Nikon and Canon lensmounts have been around so long that the patents have probably expired.

    • myNameIsCondor

      Nikon F-Mount definitely. Dunno about Canon EF-Mount, it is significantly younger.

  • Jo Jundt

    And who needs just another DSLR? Yaaawwwnn. I’d be immediately onboard with a Foveon mirrorless system. But DSLRs will eat no more money from me.

    • azbest

      MILF – mirrorless interchangeable lens foveon. dslr is dead. if sigma wants to be dead, be my guest. (ill buy fuji x-t2 instead)

      • true

        that acronym activated my pocket wizard

    • What’s wrong with SA mount, can’t we get decent lenses? Unless it is a compact and light DSLR, I would buy an interchangeable mirrorless with an “orthodox” body. Quattro design is just overboard for carrying it with me most times. I would prefer a thicker body with a bigger battery or a lens mount. Let us not confuse thin smartphones with thin cameras (with an ugly bulge).

      • Jo Jundt

        It’s just a bit stupid to stick on a flange focal distance of 44.0 mm because that makes wide-angles more complicate. More complicate = bigger, heavier and more expensive for no real advantage. This thing you can buy yourself, I don’t want it.

  • MarkR

    When is this trade show supposed to take place?

    • gvsass

      Apparently in the end of feb 2016 (25-28)… It calls CP+. I guess…

      • MarkR

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  • HF

    Any new fast primes on the horizon (85/1.4 or 135/2)?

    • manoj

      That’s what I am interested at. Also bring a 600mm f5.6 or similar affordable ($ 2,500) fixed prime for quality conscious wildlife/sports photographers

    • Pittsburgh Kid

      Tamron just released their 85 f1.4 – WITH OS

      (I see no reason to replace my 85 Nikon, but if I was in the market for an 85, VC/OS would be awesome. To be honest, an 85f1.8 OS would be ideal (1.4 gains little besides weight)

      Primes with OS, yes!!!

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