New Lens Announcement?

February 11, 2016 Posted in News, Rumors 28 Comments

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new sigma lens announcement
The Sigma team in Austria recently posted a hint on their Facebook page about a new lens announcement. The announcement is supposed to take place on February 23rd for the upcoming 2016 CP+ show that will take place in Japan.

From the looks of the photo they posted, the new lens could quite possibly be a new telephoto zoom lens that is faster than f/2.8. What are your thoughts?

You can stay tuned to their Facebook Page to receive more news about the possible announcement.

To view their post, click here.

  • raf
  • Guest

    Umm .. other sites leaked the 2 new lenses and a canon EF to Sony e mount adapter that are for next weeks announcement. What happened?

    50-100mm F1.8 APC & 30mm f/1.4 DN E-mount.

  • Chris Lane

    Hoping for a 135mm F1.8 or 200mm F2 🙂

  • digi2ap

    If talking about a new product announcement, aren’t we overdue a SD1M replacement?

    • Jeffry De Meyer

      I hope they skip the quatro sd camera and do what ever is coming next if something is still coming.

  • Pittsburgh Kid

    Looks very much like a replacement for the 150/180 macro pair.

    I would definitely be in for an Art 150 or 180 OS Macro. F2.8 is plenty fast. PLEASE do not do something goofy like making an optically-compromised “fast macro” The f1.4 mania on the wide end makes lenses bigger, heavier and more expensive than needed.

    The OS 150 is 5 years old, replaced a 6 year older non-OS 150, so the timing is right for a refresh

    Similarly, the excellent 180 Macro is 4 years old

    Yes, either a 150 or 180 Art macro would be wonderful!

    (prefer that to a 150 C + 180 S conundrum)

  • SimenO

    I want to guess too 🙂

    The large one: DC 50-150mm f/2,0 OS ART
    The small one: DG 70mm f/2,0 OS Macro ART

    • I am really looking forward to one of these:
      1) 50-100mm F1.8 DC HSM Art,
      2) 50-135mm F2 DC HSM Art,
      3) 50-150mm F2.8 DC HSM Art.

      • SimenO

        You nailed that one (1) Thumbsup! 🙂

        • Thanks! 🙂 I just hope it will also be available in A-mount. A few months ago I bought Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 and I would like to buy this one as well 😉

  • stpr

    There was a newer post about a second “small but nice” lens which has since been deleted.
    The image was different (and indeed short) so I guess the image isn’t just a pure placeholder.


    I doubt it, but I hope it is a 24-70mm f2 lens 🙂

  • Greggory Burt

    Hopefully its a 135mm art. Maybe a 200mm?

    • SimenO

      It looks like it has two rings, meaning a zoom. This lens looks like a fat version of the DC 50-150 f/2,8. Possibly upgraded to f/2,0. The OS switch is also visible. Judging from the tripod collar lenght it looks not to front heavy while extended, meaning relatively short zoom (3x). Since the DC 50-150 is discontinued, I think its a replacement for that. A 50-150 f/2,0 OS would make a nice companion for the 18-35/1,8.

      Whas is the bump on the lower right? A slot in back filter holder?

      • Stephan

        Faster is always better, but the downside would be an even bigger and heavier lens. The current 2.8 50-150 is already very heavy and I think twice before bringing it to to a shooting. Unfortunately it has this ART-like excellent optical quality, comparable to the 1.8 18-35 ;-). So I’d like to see a weight reduction keeping the optical quality, that would be my wish for an update of this lens.

  • blp

    im guessing its a 150mm macro 🙂 it doesnt really make sense to put a collar on a 135mm lens

  • EarlFargis

    My first impression was a 70-200 but on closer inspection it doesn’t look like a zoom to me. Second impression was some version of a 300mm but that seems even less likely. A replacement for their current 300 f/2.8 would have a wider front element and it’s too big for something smaller. So maybe it’s a fast 135mm which would be a popular niche play.

    Hard to tell. All will be revealed shortly.

    I’m not in the market for any of the above so I have no dog on this fight. 😉

    • Jeffry De Meyer

      Doubt the image they are using has much to do with the actual product.
      A 135 will not look like that either

      • SimenO

        Silhouettes are a good way of teasing without telling. I can’t remember any existing Sigma lens with a silhouette like that.

    • SimenO

      Why do you think its a prime? From top I think I can see:
      – A large focus ring
      – A OS switch on the left
      – A zoom ring
      – A tripod collar on the left
      – A back end filter holder knob on the right

  • Abben Hung

    Crossing my fingers for an 85mm ART, 135mm ART or 70-200 Art/Sport!

  • Jeffry De Meyer

    Oh that is just great, I was just about to buy the 150 after weeks of tossing and turning between the tamron 70-200 the 150 and the nikkor 180.

    Now we are probably looking at a 70-200 with art specs

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