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Sigma has recently announced the SD Quattro and the SD Quattro H, two new mirrorless ILCs. Each camera uses the SA lens mount just like in the SLRs. The body of the cameras have a viewfinder built into it, which isn’t typical.


Sigma SD Quattro H

The Sigma SD Quattro H is a camera targeted specifically to those who have an immense care for a high image quality. This camera has a bigger APS-H sensor which produces great quality images which compare to those from a 51 MP DSLR that has a Bayer pattern sensor.

A few highlights of the SD Quattro H include:

  • A quick set button and lock switch
  • super fine detail exposure mode
  • 3 inch 1.62m Dot Main LCD and Sub Monitor


Sigma SD Quattro

The new Sigma SD Quattro has a two mode autofocus system and a Foveon Quattro sensor which helps to produce high quality images. The images taken with the Sigma SD Quattro can be compared to that of a 39 MP DSLR that has a Bayer pattern sensor.

A few highlights of the new SD Quattro include:

  • ISO 6400 & 3.6 fps Continuous shooting
  • Dual True III Imaging Processing Engine
  • A super fine detail mode that captures a range of 7 exposures in one shot

To learn more about the Sigma SD Quattro H or to pre-order, go to B&H Photo.

To learn more about the Sigma SD Quattro or to pre-order, go to B&H Photo.

  • azbest

    if sigma would communicate to us some information about availability and pricing..

  • Larry Ellis

    Sorry sigma but you just keep missing the boat. You should have given this a very shallow sensor to flange distance, utilising some kind of interchangeable lens mount, and offering up different mounts as kits. That way no one has to buy into your overpriced lenses. Why are SA mount lenses ALWAYS more expensive than EF, E or Nikon Mount? Wouldn’t the smart move be to make your own SA mount lenses cheaper to encourage body sales and attract new customers? And to perhaps reward those who already use your cameras? I’ve had two SD14’s, an SD15, an SD1 and two DP1’s, and I will never buy another Sigma camera again. The SD14 was the most reliable and predictable of your SLRs, the SD1 was a slow and unpredictable mess, unable to meter even a simple scene accurately. I took it on my honeymoon and ended up just using my iPhone. I sold it not long after and have been without a camer up until 2 weeks ago when I bought a cheap used Xpro1. I got excited when I seen the announcement of these new cameras, then was just as quickly disappointed when I, and I’m sure many others realised they’ll never be able to mount anything but SA lenses on them. Sigma obviously have no idea there’s a community devoted to hacking DP cameras, adding Leica M mounts to them?

    • Markthetog

      Overpriced? Sigma made their market offering budget alternatives to the OEM manufacturers. The fact that they now produce lenses that are lauded as superb by virtually everyone allows them to ask more for them. At the end of the day the new lenses have greatly improved their income situation and allows them to pursue more R&D into lenses and cameras.

  • balula_sd

    I think Sigma missed the point of eliminating the mirror on this one, which would be to make the mount shallower and eventually design smaller, lighter lenses for it. They could have built an SA adapter for it like all the other mirrorless camera makers did. Weird and unfortunate marketing/design choice (not the first time for Sigma). I’d jump on it if they had done that.

    • Markthetog

      One of the greatest advantages of mirrorless cameras is the cost savings from elimination of the mirror box and prism. All other aspects are opportunities that follow from that first engineering decision. Small size is also possible but not necessarily an advantage in all cases. For Nikon and Canon I would argue that the possibility of using third party lenses via adapters is highly unpleasant to them to consider.
      They have sales to lose, Sony and other ML manufacturers only have sales to gain.

  • jedy123

    Why wouldn’t Sigma at least make one a fullframe camera to complement their lenses? If I were to buy a 35mm lens, I’d like it to give a 35mm focal length when attached to the camera.

  • kero

    please sigma
    release a 8-16 f1.8 and a 120-240 f1.8
    so i can go to sd quattro with a full dreamy lense line up

    • gery

      four zooms with constant f 1.8


      indeed a dream line up
      add a longer 300-600 with teleconverters and i will jump in too (but this may need to be f 4 or size/weigth will be too much)

  • This would be very interesting if they used the DP Merrill sensors. I can’t understand why they ditched the 1:1 sensor for one subject to interpolation…

    • T N Args

      No matter what raw file size you specify, 1:1:4 Quattro tech can provide higher IQ than 1:1:1 Merrill tech. Because it offers superior IQ is the reason they went to 1:1:4. In fact, Merrill himself co-wrote the patent for 1:1:4 technology, and explains how it surpasses 1:1:1, but it is too technical for most laymen. The real issue that Quattro tech has is a marketing image problem, because consumers and commentators generally assume that it has to be inferior because of their own simplistic understanding (or lack thereof) getting in the way.

      • Due to the Quattro being subject to interpolation, it is prone to the same weaknesses as Bayer sensors. While the Merrill sensors have their issues at any ISO setting higher than 200 or 400, at base ISO I highly doubt the Quattro can outperform it with respect to pure details.

        • EnKiu

          The Quattro is still better than a Bayer because the interpolation is of a different kind… BUT Merrill is best as it simply has NO interpolation.

        • T N Args

          At base ISO the Quattro technology will outperform Merrill in respect to detail. cheers

      • EnKiu

        LOL your argument has no proof because we are too stupid to understand. Total BS. Quattro has no advantage over the Merril apart from a little extra resolution in blue… everything else is inferior.

        BTW, it is easy to tell BS when someone tries to argue that 5 MP or red and green deliver better results than 15 MP… You gave me a good laugh in a boring day 😀

        • T N Args

          Read the Quattro patent — the one with Merrill’s name on it. It’s his argument, not mine. Higher resolution, higher signal to noise, no need for such heavy-duty noise processing and sharpening of the lower layers, …. means better IQ. You say you can easily tell when Merrill is BS-ing? Please show us your greater knowledge of Foveon than Merrill’s. LOL indeed.

          • EnKiu

            You dodge answering the question yet again… in this case, WHAT is EXACTLY the statement you are referring to? Quote?

            Yes, Quattro has higher resolution… BUT in BLUE only, so marketing speak can claim it as a higher resolution… BUT I do not shoot in blue only, I shoot in color. In color Merrill has higher resolution because it has 15 MP of green and red compared to Quattro’s 5 MP. For this reason the Quattros are likely to be a little better at B&W and I’d consider getting a Quattro for B&W photos… IF I was heavily into B&W photos and IF I already did not have the Merrills (the Merrils are already very good for B&W).

            The statement about noise is another piece of BS or marketing speak, as noise is only a problem if you try to shoot in color above ISO 200. I accept that Foveon has to be used for ISO 100-200 and do not have a problem. PLUS the Quattro is not that better in terms of ISO.

            OR are you now claiming that Merrill sensors have noise problems in the ISO 100-200 range? LOL

          • T N Args

            You don’t understand that there is no such thing as ‘in blue only’ with a Quattro sensor. Please note that the top layer is panchromatic, so it responds to red, to green, to blue, to any visible wavelength. This is how Sigma can create 20M discrete red values, 20M discrete blue values, and 20M discrete green values, with a Quattro sensor. You type angry and ridiculing words, I am not sure why, but you have not yet revealed knowledge at such a high level as your aggression. Words like ‘5M of green and red’, please, no.

    • jon

      in complete agreement. sigma should be improving its Merrill tech, not its failed Quattro tech

  • Russell Ferris

    If they want medium format like quality, why not actually produce a medium format camera and lens?

    • Snakebunk

      There are so many reasons, for example cost, size, having to make new lenses and image quality is already close.
      Why did you raise the question?

      • Russell Ferris

        The CEO of the company mentioned that they could produce the sensor in medium format and piqued my interest. One other thing about these rumor sites is that most posters are too concerned about what’s best for the company and not the consumer, sigma is a niche company and so is the medium format.

        • Brendan

          To be good to the consumer, the company needs to stay afloat. Most of Sigma’s business is in selling lenses designed for other manufacturers mounts. Unlike Pentax, Sigma has no back catalog of medium format lenses or to convert or base designs on.
          Sony and Fuji would be in a much better position to start here I think.

          • azbest

            it would be chance for sigma to make a compact with shorter flange distance and a new set of lenses, and sigma certainly know how to make high quality lenses. i dont see any issue here other than waiting too long would make more pressure on the price over time. since sigma knows even how to make their own sensor, they can contain the costs more flexibly i would say. to me it seems only as a problem of scaling the current blueprints to a medium format. i dont know about effectiveness of the production, but i would have a tip or two for sigma on how to make it effective regarding the waffer. then they could even introduce two sizes of mf they did with apsc and apsh. many producers are waiting for better market conditions, but i fear they may never come. unless you glue the camera on a drone and sell it to children.

  • Alden McEwen

    Ah, I get it, SR is now owned by Sigma. Nikonrumors broke the news about the lenses days head of the official announcement, but SR stayed silent, just feeding the hype machine to drum up interest, but not releasing info until Sigma wanted it out. I’m disappointed.

    • Jeffry De Meyer

      I think the site owner has a life and a job.
      activity died down around summer

      • Emil Varadi

        As does the owner of Nikon Rumours. Earlier, in the prevous format of this website, Sigma Rumours was more active. Is there a point in running a website reposting the official announcement which is already there in million places? Just asking?

        • Jeffry De Meyer

          Well if you think you can do a better job, have at it.

          at you can get a domain name for next to nothing and hosting is also really cheap. I can tell you from experience running a community can suck as you get noting out of it other than people whining and complaining.

          • Alden McEwen

            Emil isn’t claiming to be a rumors site.

          • Jeffry De Meyer

            He does like you, feel like criticizing someone else’s property and work.
            Same goes for you, if you think you can do a better job reporting on sigma stuff put up the money and effort and run your own site…

            Florrent put up the money and the time to build this website, for some reason he isn’t putting as much time and effort in this project at the moment. He owes us nothing.

            Whining about it and accusing people of being a shill doesn’t motivate.

          • silmasan

            Hint: go to photorumors’ sigma quattro announcement post, in the comments — under disqus name “Adynaton” — he explained there briefly.

          • Jeffry De Meyer

            Aaah that explains a few things, I apologise Alden and Emil seems like the site was taken over by corporate shills

  • Pittsburgh Kid

    If it was available with a Nikon mount, I’d be in. Don’t know if there is some restrictions on making a Canikon mount body by other than OEMs. Everybody and their brother made Pentax screw thread bodies back in the day.

    As it stands, anything with an SA mount is inherently very limited. Unfortunate.

    • Emil Varadi

      Yep, that’s my basic problem too. I would happily experiment with teh Quattro-H and my Nikon mount Zeiss and Sigma lenses. The same problem exists with the new Pentax FF camera too. I feel that Sony is partly being more popular than other since you can mount practically any lens on their cameras. Just cannot understand why other camera makers cannot get this.

      • silmasan

        Flange focal distance. E-mount has an FFD of only 18 mm, so plenty of room for various SLR (and even Leica M) mount adapters. Compare to Nikon F at about 46.5 mm, Pentax K at about 45.5 mm, Canon EF and Sigma SA at 44 mm.

        So they chose to keep the SA mount instead of making a new one with a much shorter FFD. Well, they do have SD userbase, you see, people who are willing to adopt the system. Take it this way, if you’re moving to medium format, say Pentax 645Z, or Phase One, will you be complaining that their products don’t come with your favorite mount?

      • Markthetog

        Because other camera makers sell more lenses than Sony. They can lose sales whereas Sony can only win users with body sales. Sony has a crap lens lineup so far and as for price they are very pricey.

    • T N Args

      If that keeps you out, I’m happy. Sigma cameras are for people who think the camera is right for them. Kind of logical, yes?

      If you wanted a different camera, go and whine on Nikon forums that if only they made a camera with a Foveon sensor, you’d be in. Go to the end of the queue, though, behind all the people who started asking for a D300 replacement in from 2009 onwards.

      • Pittsburgh Kid

        Yes, because leveraging one’s significant investment in lenses makes no sense.


        • T N Args

          To the world’s largest independent lens maker, no, it doesn’t. *rolleyes*

          It is not a general-purpose camera. So you probably only need one Sigma Global Vision lens to achieve what it can do best for you, anyway.

          P.S. imagine how many more bodies Nikon would sell if they offered them with a Canon mount! All those Nikon sensors available to Canon system owners…. but they won’t do it. Inherently limiting. Unfortunate. (quoting you)

      • opp

        Probable the camera wouldn’t work with nikon lenses. I don’t know why, but my SD1 Merrill hates lenses by other manufacturers that are shorter than 80 mm. It produces a real strange colour cast in the edges while the centre stays normal.

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