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With these new announcements from Sigma, I’m sure many of you might be excited. But what kind of lenses will these mystery lenses be?

new sigma lens announcement
An 85-135mm f/2 lens is very probable. The image in their post resembles a telephoto zoom lens and what is said in the announcement backs up the fact that it might be such a lens.

It would be the perfect plan for Sigma to come out with a 85-135mm f/2 lens. It might please the Sigma fans that are hoping for a 85mm f/1.4, as well as those who wish to have a 135mm f/2 lens.

We know for sure about one lens, but could Sigma Hungary and Sigma Austria have hinted at another lens?

On the Sigma Austria Facebook Page they posted about a second smaller lens, but the post was later deleted. Could this be Sigma’s first FE lens? Or maybe a short macro lens for DSLRs?

What are your thoughts of the new lenses?

  • kero

    can we expect sigma to release a 8-16 f1.8 and a 120-240 f1.8 to complete the lense range for the sd quattro?

  • T N Args

    World’s worst rumour site.

    • opp

      It’s for free

      • T N Args

        Overpriced! 🙂

  • animalsbybarry

    Where the heck is Admin….????
    All the biggest news in Sigma history is breaking and absolutely no posts about any of it on Sigma rumors.
    51mp apsh foveon mirrorless camera
    39mp foven apsc mirrorless camera
    New Sigma canon to E mount and Sigma to E mount adapters

    Admin…where are you….????

    • T N Args

      Totally agree! ADMIN!!!!!! WAKE UP!!!!!!

    • nwcs

      Don’t forget the obvious scenario:Alien Abduction. Happens more times than you think. Otherwise why would humans be so obsessed with probes?

  • O.B.gene

    admin must be on vacation or something.

  • Pittsburgh Kid

    New Tamrons ( 85/1.8 and 90/2.8 Macro) have been leaked at Art-like prices.

    Both have OS. Will be very interesting to see an 85mm shootout (Zeiss v. Nikon v. Tamron v. Sigma)

    I’m going to bet the kilobuck Tamron 1.8 comes mighty close to the 1.4 Otus. My 1.8 Nikkor 85’s (D and G) are excellent but cheap. Can’t imagine VC alone adding much cost, so thinking they may be going for the optical quality home run.

    Will this push the Art release forward?

  • Barry Adam Johnson

    50-100 for 1.6

  • Manoj Pathiravasam

    A Bittersweet Moment for many of us. As a DX shooter (dreaming of D500) this is a great news as 50-100/1.8 Art lens will be a great companion to 18-35/1.8 Art lens and will be a viable alternative for professional, yet budget concious wedding / portrait photographers, expecting high quality portrait optic that will provide decent bokeh.

    But for those who expected a 85-135/f2 Art type lens (or 85/1.4 Art or 135/f2 Art), this will be a disappointing news surely as such lens when combined with amazing FX bodies (D810, D750, 5DS, 5D M.2, Sony A7R) will be the ultimate portrait lens for many.

    Also the suggested retail price at USD 1,400 seems way more expensive considering,
    1. It is DX optic (DC in sigma terms)
    2. Does not feature OS

    18-35/f1.8 Art is priced at around USD 750 and I think USD 950 will be a more tempting price. Sure it is a world’s first and somewhat groundbreaking lens (image quality will be stellar also), but most people will be tempted to move to FX (more options for wedding / portrait photographers at competitive prices) rather than spending USD 1,400 for lens that may not provide the ultimate Bokeh and subject isolation similar to 85/1.4 and 135/f2 lenses combined with a capable FX body.

    Anyway, I cant wait until the official announcement and there may be sample images as well.

  • sickheadache

    Oh Sigma Rumors people…the lenses that Sigma are about announce..are..50-150 mm for DX…30mm for E mount. and a Canon to Sigma Converter. I should run Sigma Rumors. OWNER KEEP UP!

    • Pittsburgh Kid

      It’s a big interweb out there, put up your own site if you want to do something constructive…

  • sickheadache


  • Andrea Pisani

    There are specification and pictures about the two new lenses on DP Review, SLR Longue, Photo Rumors, Sony Alpha Rumors, 43 Rumors… I expected Sigma Rumors be the first one to have this kind of news from Digicame-info, but this never happens… Disappointed.

  • animalsbybarry

    You’re way behind .
    All the internet. Sites have been talking about the nerw Sigma products all day.
    Did you oversleep ?

    • animalsbybarry

      At first I thought admin might be sleeping. Now I think he may be HIBERNATING… 😎

  • tonkotsu

    Looks like it’ll a 30mm 1.4 and 50-100mm 1.8 per digicame

    • Pittsburgh Kid

      Nikonrumors confirming.

      DX format.

      $1400 MSRP for the 50-100 (75-150 equiv on crop)

      No OS???

      • tonkotsu

        Nikon rumors didn’t confirm anything, they just reposted from digicame

      • Nikos Delhanidis

        No way there’s no OS

      • Wayne Palmer Jr.

        That $1400 msrp seems a bit odd. The 50-150mm f/2.8 OS didn’t retail for that much even with image stabilization.

        • silmasan

          Reported yen price equivalent in usd usually doesn’t translate to actual usd price (will be lower).

          • Wayne Palmer Jr.

            I hope sub $1k lower. 🙂

  • theclod

    I found this linked from another forum:

    If true, then this is a crop-only lens. Oh well.

  • Veselin Gramatikov

    For me this look like crop sensor lens not full frame. It`s too small for 85-135/2.0 FF lens. May be 50-100/1.8 or 85-135/2.0 crop sensor lens. Something like that.

  • Chris Lane

    “It might please the Sigma fans that are hoping for a 85mm f/1.4”


    • Greggory Burt

      I’ll be very disappointed.

  • Morris

    400-800 for cx format, please, pleasee pleassssy

    • Manoj Pathiravasam

      Wow, that would be the greatest hand holdable bird photography kit ever. Main drawback is the difficulty to isolate subject like FX or even DX sensors

  • Onno’sMovingPictureParadise

    If it only was a 85-135 F2.0 FE , it would be a killer lens for many to buy, but that is only in my dreams.
    for portrait a superb focal length only it has to have close focus .

  • duo

    I think this is a 70-135mm f2.0 for APSC and might even be for full frame.

    1) it complements existing 24-70/2.8 as well as 18-35/1.8
    2) it replaces 50-150 that was out of production for a while
    3) it’s equiv to 100-200mm f2.8 in full frame terms, so you’d need a tripod collar, also it will be compatible with TC’s
    4) it is not long enough to be a 200mm lens. Not even 150mm might be a stretch.
    5) you know it’s a matter of time before they bring out an APSC specific lens after 18-35 and 24-35.
    6) it has tripod collar because it has 1:2 Macro

  • nukunukoo

    VERY likely there will be one crop 50-150mm f/2.8 lens. that’s because the current version has been phased out for almost two years now, despite being one of the more popular pre-Global Vision lenses. Plus the fact that the OIS on that lens infringes on Nikon’s patent, I believe they will come out with a redesigned one.

    • Nikos Delhanidis

      We wish

  • Thach Vu

    stop dreaming 85-135 f2 or 24-70 f2 or the likes. Given 24-35 f2 is already big and heavy, it’s impossible to do the bigger range. 18-35 f1.8 is also a short range. The range that makes more sense is 70-85 f2 🙂 It looks like a f2.8 zoom lens ART or f1.4 prime lens ART.

  • John

    Since it has a collar, my thought is the lens is longer than the 85-135 range. What about an updated 70-300??? Canon’s is expensive and Nikon’s latest is decent. Thoughts on this being a 70-300 Contemporary or similar range?

  • Manoj Pathiravasam

    Please be either 85-135/F2 with Otus like optical quality or a hardcore 75-150/F4 macro with 2x magnification (without attachments) and super creamy bokeh / sharpness retention at smaller F stops.

  • Onno’sMovingPictureParadise

    It would be so good to have more mirrorless choice and certainly from Sigma who does make some very good affordable stuff…

  • Manoj Pathiravasam

    It seems that, every sigma fan thinks this is a portrait lens. But apart from 70-200mm type lenses, what other portrait lens shorter than 150 – 180mm comes with a tripod collar. Also photographers expecting F2 or faster portrait lens may not demand the added bulk comes with a tripod collar.

    According to FB page of Sigma Austria (sorry I don’t remember the exact country), this lens is another world’s first from Sigma. What if this lens is a zoom macro lens that could go from half life size at the wide end (70mm) to 2x life size at tele end (180mm) and equipped with 11 or 13 aperture blades (similar to Venus branded macro lenses) for creamy bokeh at smaller F stops. Such lens could quickly become the most sought after macro lens in the world if Sigma make no compromises with image quality. And almost every macro photographer knows the value of a sturdy tripod foot for macro photography.

    What you think ?

    • silmasan

      There’s already the Zoom-Nikkor 70-180mm though it doesn’t reach 1:1 magnification without tube extension.

      • Manoj Pathiravasam

        Yes, But the Nikkor is a vintage design and very hard to find. Imagine the demand for such lens with updated technology, stellar optics and greater than 1x magnification

        • silmasan

          That’s alright, it’s just that I don’t think they’ll market it as “world-first”, as they marketed their f/2 zoom. But who knows, maybe they did choose to combine all their three f/2.8 macro (105, 150, 180) into one. OK, proper “macro” zoom would actually make it a first (as opposed to Nikon’s “Zoom-Micro Nikkor”).

          Also, if it covers the range of 100-150 (at least f/2.8), then it can be both for macro and portrait. As I know there are many who use e.g. Nikon 105/2.8 VR macro for portrait as well.

          • Manoj Pathiravasam

            Yes, I personally use Nikon 105/2.8 VR for macro. Although this lens was once perceived as one of nikon’s all time sharpest lens, recent tests revealed that, it isn’t much better than already available macro’s in the range (tamron 90/2.8 VC, Sigma 105/2.8 OS, etc.). But I agree that is optically very good lens. It is just that, the lens may not provide razor sharpness when coupled with today’s extra high density sensors such such Nikon D7100, D7200.

          • silmasan

            That’s what I’ve been hearing too, re: the sharpness. Maybe it’s sample variation, but to my surprise DxO gave 105 DC a slightly higher number — though stopped down to f/2.8, not wide open. I do have the DC, which I’ll keep forever! 🙂

            Anyway, a Sigma Art or a new Zeiss Apo at this focal length would probably blow them away in terms of resolution. So it’s down to rendition. Sigma 50 Art really upped their game, more than the 35 IMO (much smoother). Their telephotos (120-300 and the three macros 105~180) have given that smooth render already so I’m really looking forward for the update.

  • Steph.B

    35-70 F/2

  • Vilian Raychev

    I hope so Sigma don’t forgetting Sony A-mount. a7 series works great whit LA-EA 3/4

    • SimenO

      Isn’t alpha mount dying? a68 looks like a last death shivering much like Olympus E-5 was for 4/3.

      • Vilian Raychev

        Not yet but probably soon…
        That’s no matter! Sony a7 series is more powerful and EA3/4 adapter works great. EA3 better than Metabones 😉

  • FE 85mm 1.8
    FE 70-200mm 2.8

  • Russell Ferris

    Please let that little stubby be an 80mm 645 lens.

    • Jeffry De Meyer

      So they can sell like 9

      • Russell Ferris

        Sigma is a niche company.

      • SimenO

        The 645-line is a huge success for Pentax, but they miss a few lenses. A large aperture normal prime or portrait prime with leaf shutter. If Sigma can deliver, I’m sure they would have fat margins on the hundreds or maybe a thousand they would sell.

        But I doubt Sigma will go that way.

        • Jeffry De Meyer

          Because it takes many thousands of sales worth to pay for the research and development of a good lens.

          I’m certain medium format will become bigger percentage wise over the next decade and that sigma will be developing glass for it by say 2024, but at this time they even don’t have emount lenses that cover the entire 35mm frame. A much much bigger market

  • Sony Shooter

    I still have hopes for a very fast UWA.
    An 16 f1.4 would be a dream!

  • Deryk

    An 85-135 f2 would be a godlike portrait lens for me. Yes, you lose a stop at 85mm, but it still is on par with the max 100 f2 and 135 f2 lenses out there. It would just have to have stellar optics. The compression one would get being able to take a zoom to 135 at f2 is worth the loss of a stop at 85mm for me. However, I do agree with others that if it has a lens collar it may not be such a lens; but then again, an f2 85mm-135mm has never been done, and may in fact be huge. Bring it on Sigma, your 35mm has made me a believer in you!

    • silmasan

      Seeing what they’ve done with 24-35 f/2, I won’t be surprised if they managed even higher quality throughout the frame with the 105-135mm range.

      And yeah, even if I still have to supplement it with a 85 f/1.4 just in case, having both the 105 and 135 in a single f/2 zoom would be super-convenient. Could be the most disruptive product launch ever for portrait photographers on 35mm cameras.

  • Sigma Hungary has confirmed (on their and our public FB pages) that the bigger lens is really a zoom lens and it is NOT a 24-70, or 70-200 (yet!) and not even a 85-135 or 50-135/50-150. Moreover they told that the smaller lens was really small, smaller than a 85/1.4 would be. It will be a fixed lens for sure (according to them) but we do not know what it is and Sigma Hungary is obviously not allowed to tell more about these lenses. When somebody asked them if it is a 85/1.4, they answered “Almost! ;-)”. My bet is a 50/1.8, 85/1.8, or a DC Macro lens for APS-C or some kind of MILC lens.
    As for the bigger zoom lens we have really no idea, my friend told that this year is Olympic year so maybe a 24-120/2.8 is possible…that makes sense indeed 🙂 – would replace the not so popular and struggling 24-105/4 OS…

    • Elzanna

      > or 70-200 (yet!)

      Do you know something of this…? 😀

      • Unfortunately not. Sigma told it like this (‘yet’). Somebody told in comments that the new lenses will be a new 24-70 and 70-200, and Sigma aswered “These are not those yet”.

        • Elzanna

          Thanks for the clarification! It’s disappointing, but a little encouraging all the same. Good to know they’re still coming (I hope that’s what that means).

  • Berend Wijdieks

    The smaller lens is probably a 35mm F/1.8 Contemporary (with OS?).

    • Ralph Aichinger

      Oh yes, let this be the first lens in a f/1.8 prime series, about 30 percent cheaper, but optically better than Nikon’s.

    • andrei ioan

      yes please!!!
      without OS to make it cheaper, i would hope in the canon 50mm 1.8 price range, but 50-70% more would be ok.
      i keep wondering why canon don’t make a 35mm prime cheap and relatively good, similar to their 50mm and to kick yongnuo’s ass (am I allowed to say ass?)

    • Jeffry De Meyer

      Why OS on 35mm?

  • Benjamin Brosdau

    I constructed the volume of the lens based on the silhouette in 3dsmax (hoping that the silhouette is in fact of the real lens…)
    Cant say for sure that there really is some ribbing for focus and zoom rings, but seems likely.

    Here are some estimates on the size of it: Based on a filter diamter of
    67mm thread — length of 150mm
    72mm thread — length of 162mm
    77mm thread– length of 171mm
    82mm thread– lenght of 184mm
    95mm thread — lenght of 212mm

    Up to 82mm thread diameter it would still be smaller than common 70-200mm 2.8 from most manufacturers.
    I believe this lens will end at 150mm focal length at the most.

    • Pittsburgh Kid

      There’s asymmetry in the silhouette in the area below the front focusing ring, likely switches for OS / range limit controls.

      Overall proportions tend to reinforce 150-ish macro

      neat render, btw 🙂

      • Benjamin Brosdau

        Yes, thats what I figured as well. Surely the plate for switches.

    • Elzanna

      Nice render! For comparison’s sake and since I already made it, here’s my attempt at turning an 18-35mm into this new lens just using product images. I also took the front element + tripod mount from the 150-600 C. It’s pretty cool how similar our attempts look with the separate approaches!

      The perspective is a little messed up since I needed to stretch the front element/camera mount to make them fit the rounded bits, but it’s close. I am also quite convinced that the fatter bit in the middle is a zoom ring, so it couldn’t be a prime. I am really hoping it’s a 70-200 refresh, but wouldn’t be surprised if it’s something shorter than that.

  • Manoj

    I also think that the smaller lens may be a macro lens in the 40 to 70mm focal lengths. So is sigma about to announce a couple of updated macro lenses. It would be very sweet if the macro could achieve 2:1 or greater magnification natively

  • Manoj

    Would like if it is a 200mm f2 lens with 1:1 macro capabilities. But f2 200mm lens will have a much larger front filter size. Whatever this is, I think it will cover somewhere between 100 to 200mm focal lengths. I am very excited

  • Manoj

    I think the lens will be an art version of their popular 150mm macro lens.

  • Andreas Jarl

    85-135/2 is a good idea. It would work great with a 50/1.4 and the 24-35/2.

  • Jeffry De Meyer

    85-135 is to short for a collar, it would be a really interesting lens if it is done properly.
    But I really would prefer no compromise for the portrait range and that is what zooms are.

    a 70-200 like lens on par with canon or nikon’s offering would be far more interesting especially if they offer it on e-mount too (and not charge the 10000 rupees for it, I can only carry 255)

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