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sigma 30mm f1.4 dc dn lens

Sigma Imaging UK has just made an announcement about their 30mm f/1.4 DC DN lens. Apparently they have found a problem with the lens in the MFT mount. They have discovered that it doesn’t sufficiently adjust distortion while shooting JPEG.

Right now Sigma is looking into fixing the problem to update the lens firmware.

When the new firmware update is ready and released, Sigma will make an announcement to let everyone know that the problem is solved.

If you are having problems or want to know more, you can learn more about the issue by clicking here.

  • dave

    Lot of new Sigma stuff that hasn’t been mentioned here. Hopefully admin guy is just on a temporary break, but it looks like the site has been abandoned altogether.

    • PK

      Site has been abandoned.

      Sigma 150-600’s were blown out on ebay last week for $679 (buydig)

      Maybe Sigma is having money problems or something

      Hope they can crank out the 200f2.0 before they go under :/

  • animalsbybarry

    I wonder what happened to admin ?
    He has not added content to this site in months ?

    • PK

      My guess is Sigma stopped innovating.

      Nothing new, so nothing to post about.

      Shame, since Sigma filed a patent on a 200mm f2.0 (check Nikon Rumors from a month ago)

      Maybe if Sigma had coherent marketing in the US we’d hear about it.

      Maybe Tamron or even Tokina will beat em to the punch. Doesn’t matter to me, brand loyalty is earned. My only loyalty is to Nikon bodies. Everything else is wide open.

      Alas, it’s just another Long Island based circque du jerque.

      Sell direct, Sigma. Bypass the NYC cartel.

      Fun site, while it lasted. Good luck Florent, wherever you are…

      • Vamp898

        Nothing new? Sigma Rumors posted about the sd Quattro after its official release!

        There is enough to post about, Sigma Rumors just doesnt have any insider informations and posting about stuff after it got released is kinda boring.

        There were no rumors about the sd Quattro (or in other words, all rumors have been wrong) and especially no word about the Quattro H

        There were no rumors abou the 50-100mm f/1.8 before it got released and so on.

        Sigma Rumors doesnt have any informations, so there is nothing to share… thats not the fault of Sigma not innovation, Sigma is the only one who brings innovations at all.

    • EarlFargis

      I hope he rememebered to turn off the lights before he quit. ;^)

  • true

    Well, is it starting to show that sigma doesn’t put enough effort to m43? While it’s true that aps-c has small lens line-up (all of them, including canikon), I still think sigma could start making some m43 lenses (and by this I mean m43 lenses, not aps-c lenses for m43 mount, but native m43 lenses with m43 image circle).

    M43 is missing a long macro lens (because 60mm is short for bugs/insect work) and a proper T-S. Not sure if sigma can do the latter, but a 90mm or 100mm macro would be very well received.

    • Kirby Zhou

      This site is already down, no news for months.

    • Vamp898

      M43 is as dead as this page…

      • true

        How so?

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