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The world of mirrorless large-sensor cameras is expanding tremendously. The market is now flooded with super-specced little devices with all the conveniencies and image quality of a DSLR (and sometimes more), avoiding the size and weight problem of these cameras.

By virtue of its size and large sensor, the Sigma DP3 Merrill belongs to them, but bears a few characteristics that make it a unique product. The first and most important pecularity is its true-color sensor, made in a way that allows red, green and blue to be recorded on each photosite. This is the main raison d’etre of this camera, and makes it a very intriguing one.

The Sigma DP3 Merrill is the third and last model from Sigma’s compact camera line with an irremovable prime lens. At 50mm, it has the longest focal length of all three DP Merrills, with a field of view equivalent to 75mm in 35mm terms.

I am confident this review will be valuable to any prospective Sigma DP3 Merrill user as it’s a fixed-lens camera, so the results shown here reflect very faithfully what any user can expect from it. Also, from an image quality point of view, this is always promising.

Unboxing video

You can view the video at full resolution by clicking here: Sigma DP3 Merrill unboxing.

As a complement, I made a few measurements.

Weight: 433 g / 15.27 oz (with memory card and battery, without lens hood)

Width: 12.3 cm / 4.84 in

Length: 9 cm / 3.54 in (without hood, with cap) – 11.8 cm / 4.65 in (with hood)

Height: 7.2 cm / 2.83 in

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Sensor and lens performance of the Sigma DP3 Merrill

Both the sensor and the lens are put through their paces in controlled shootings, with two aperture series and one ISO series, showing the best of the combo as well as its limitations. Sharpness, colors, noise and dynamic range are evaluated here.

Using the Sigma DP3 Merrill in the field

Report after throrough use of the camera in the field, with sample images and comments. General usability of the Sigma DP3 Merrill as a high-end compact camera is assessed in this section.

Sigma DP3 Merrill Review – Summary

Is the Sigma DP3 Merrill a camera suited for you ? Pros and cons.

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