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DOF: Depth of Field Using 35mm Lenses Continued…

Enclosure Design

Our first prototype seemed to work, so we set the distance from the CD (ground glass) to the lens so at infinity, we can establish focus.

Enclosure can become a thought, once all distances are set. Taking a look at the prototype, it looks like it can fit into a 6×6 box found at any component store, such as Radioshack. Or, you could also try building an enclosure using a cereal box.

Below is how it should look:


Prototype Design

To make it look more sophisticated, we designed it first, in CAD. Building it inside of a box this time we are still reusing everything we previously built.

Using a quite sturdy project box, the body of the box will keep the screws in place.

dof2-5 dof2-4

Plastic is not as sturdy, so take the lens board from the previous project and place it into the box, so that the shape will stay intact.


Next, take the piece in the middle with the motor and put it on top of the lens board. Using the distance measurement from before, bind the boards together with screws, even though it might have to be revised later.


The final piece, the macro board, will not be screwed to the CD motor board like in the project before. This time it will be screwed to the back part of the enclosure box. And like mentioned before, the distance between the macro lens and the CD (ground glass) isn’t that important.

Below is the way the project is seen from macro lens side.


The lens side view is illustrated below. Notice that there is a switch on the top for the motor.


Now that we have the design, it should be a piece of cake to build!

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