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Sigma Rumors’ comprehensive price guide retrieves price and stock status of all Sigma products from ten US and EU online shops. Each price is a link that will lead you to the retailer’s product page for that specific Sigma product.

  • Update every 30 minutes, 24/7.
  • Easy differentiation of in stock and not in stock items (two colors).
  • Possibility to subscribe to an unavailable product and receive an email when it is in stock.
  • Various useful information are included: compatibility (ie. for accessories), recently discontinued products, etc…

This guide was made to be a useful and handy tool for anyone willing to buy Sigma gear. We get a bit of credit for each sale made through it, so whatever you end up buying, it helps us keep this service and Sigma Rumors live and running, and naturally it doesn’t cost you a cent more. It’s the best way to support the site. Thank you!

Using the Guide

  • Lowest price in store set has bold price.
  • “To come” listings are not available at the moment.
  • By clicking on the “Notify When in Stock” button, you can subscribe to a listing and be instantly notified once the listing is in stock.
  • Underlined blue prices indicate products that are either available for pre-order, or backordered. You can subscribe to any of them.
  • Read extra info by clicking on “i” signs.

Products marked with a red line are discontinued.
When browsing any page of the guide, you can display more site content by clicking on the button at the top right.

Sigma Lens Naming

The Art, Contemporary and Sports categories are for Sigma’s latest line of lenses, called ‘Global Vision’.

  • Art: Wide angle to short telephoto, fixed-aperture lenses.
  • Contemporary: Superzoom lenses.
  • Sports: High-end telephoto lenses, with either fixed or variable aperture.
  • DG: Lenses covering the image circle of full-frame sensors. Suited to all DSLRs.
  • DC: Lenses covering the image circle of APS-C sensors. Not suited to full-frame DSLRs.
  • EX: Excellence. Used for pre-Global Vision high-grade lenses with a special finish.
  • OS: Optical Stabilization. Sigma’s technology to reduce the blurry effect of camera shake.
  • HSM: HyperSonic Motor. Sigma’s fast and silent autofocus motor.
  • APO: Apochromatic. Lenses incorporating special glass to reduce chromatic aberrations.
  • IF: Inner Focusing. No extension of the barrel while focusing. Many recent lenses have this feature, but are not given the ‘IF’ designation officially.
  • Macro: Lenses with close-up capabilities. We write ‘Macro’ between quotes when the maximum reproduction ratio of the lens is inferior to 1:2, to help differentiate these lenses from true macro lenses.