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Sigma has recently announced the SD Quattro and the SD Quattro H, two new mirrorless ILCs. Each camera uses the SA lens mount just like in the SLRs. The body of the cameras have a viewfinder built into it, which isn’t typical.


Sigma SD Quattro H

The Sigma SD Quattro H is a camera targeted specifically to those who have an immense care for a high image quality. This camera has a bigger APS-H sensor which produces great quality images which compare to those from a 51 MP DSLR that has a Bayer pattern sensor.

A few highlights of the SD Quattro H include:

  • A quick set button and lock switch
  • super fine detail exposure mode
  • 3 inch 1.62m Dot Main LCD and Sub Monitor


Sigma SD Quattro

The new Sigma SD Quattro has a two mode autofocus system and a Foveon Quattro sensor which helps to produce high quality images. The images taken with the Sigma SD Quattro can be compared to that of a 39 MP DSLR that has a Bayer pattern sensor.

A few highlights of the new SD Quattro include:

  • ISO 6400 & 3.6 fps Continuous shooting
  • Dual True III Imaging Processing Engine
  • A super fine detail mode that captures a range of 7 exposures in one shot

To learn more about the Sigma SD Quattro H or to pre-order, go to B&H Photo.

To learn more about the Sigma SD Quattro or to pre-order, go to B&H Photo.

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Sigma recently announced that a new firmware for the dp2 and dp3 Quattro are currently available to download. Both improve AF accuracy and fix the potential freezing problem of the camera. The firmware update for the dp3 Quattro exclusively enhances the focus ring control while in MF mode and made the focus adjustment more efficient.

One thing to remember is to also update the software to the latest version, if the firmware was already updated.

To learn more about it click here.

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14mm f/4 lens

The Sigma dp0 Quattro is in stock at B&H Photo.

Focus Numerique has tested the Sigma dp0 Quattro (English translation) and came away stunned by the resolving power of the 14mm lens.

  • Peak sharpness is reached wide open (f/4) for most of the frame, with only the extreme corners scoring very slightly below the f/5.6 aperture. Not enough for the eye to perceive it.
  • At f/4, center resolution is only two hundredths short of the theoretical maximum for the Quattro sensor.
  • Resolution figures in the corners are lower than in central areas, but perceived sharpness remains very high wherever one looks.
  • For the best results, don’t stop down past f/8.

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Sigma dp0 Quattro

The Sigma dp0 Quattro is now in stock at B&H Photo (thanks Tim). EU readers can pre-order it from

Be sure to check out the Flickr pool to get a sense of how it renders. There are plenty of photos over there already.

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Sigma dp Quattro Foveon cameras

Sigma has released a firmware update for the dp1, dp2 and dp3 Quattro. Early owners of the dp0 Quattro already benefit from these features.

From Sigma:

dp1 Quattro (Ver1.03), dp2 Quattro (Ver1.06), dp3 Quattro (Ver1.01)

  • It has improved the camera’s AF speed.
  • It is possible to select whether or not the AF function operates when the shutter button is half-pressed.
  • It has become compatible with Eye-Fi related functions.
  • It has improved the color tones in “Daylight” and “Flash” white balance modes.
  • It has corrected the occasional phenomenon that the image is not saved properly when the image size is set to S-HI.
  • It has changed the specification to use the AEL button to capture a Custom White Balance, instead of the Shutter button.
  • It has increased the number of display modes from 2 to 4 so that more options are available on the display.
  • It has changed the name of the [Display Mode Settings] menu to [|□| Mode Settings], and the name of the option from [Display Mode] to [Custom].
  • It has changed the display information during Interval Timer shooting to indicate the maximum burst of shots even when the shooting information is set at “Off”.

Note: If the firmware has been updated, please be sure to update the software to the latest version (SIGMA Photo Pro 6.3.0).

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